Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Crashing the Gate" in New Haven

Spent another day on the campaign trail (as it were), visiting with Jerome and Markos, authors of the definitive book on how to take back the Democratic Party, "Crashing The Gate". They were hosted for a book signing at the Playwright Pub in New Haven by Branford Boy of "My Left Nutmeg" and Democracy For America - New Haven.

Markos and Jerome signed my book and posed for this picture:

Later on, after Ned Lamont spoke and a few beers were consumed, nearly all the bloggers got together for a "team" picture with Ned, Markos, and Jerome.

UPDATE: Notice in the picture above that we're all wearing our "The Kiss" buttons!

(Left to Right) Kos, Branford Boy, Ned Lamont, Matt Stoller, Jerome, CT Blogger, DeanFan84, CTKeith, Aldon Hynes, Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan, Tim Tagaris with Phillies shirt, Neal Fink, and me. Missing but present earlier were Beau (Spazeboy) and Sarah.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Yeah, where are all the girls at? Ladies, we need YOU to be blogging, too! Ned's campaign is all about inclusion, so get involved and start up a blog. Trust me, it's fun!


CT Bob said...

Hey Mike, yeah sorry I didn't meet you. You're right on both counts; I met Tom for the first time tonight, and it usually takes me a few times to get someone's name to go with the face. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

we're following you here in texas. amazing what real people with real hearts can do. yay ned!!!

CT Bob said...

Marion, thank you for the nice thoughts.

Maura, alright NOW I know where the name Maura in VA came from...I'm seen your posts in other blogs, too. Nice ta meetcha!

ctkeith said...


hold on to those buttons because they're going to be worth a fortune in a few years.

CT Bob said...

Hey CT Keith, I can't find your email address anywhere; email it to me so I can send you your Kos & Jerome picture!