Monday, May 15, 2006

Late Nite FDL: Nedrenaline

It always seems that whenever Jane posts about Ned Lamont, it's around 11PM or so. I know it's only 8:00 on the left coast, but here it's late. She should change the name from "Nedrenaline" to "Ned at Night".

The slightly annoying thing about these articles being posted so late is that often I'm asleep by the time the Ned article goes online, and I miss out commenting upon it. That is, unless I accept the high risk of my remarks getting EPU'D.

The post on FireDogLake details some interesting points, such as how New York Senator Hillary Clinton is...
"...lending her many talents to helping Joe Lieberman. One of those talents seems to be a lack of familiarity with recent history."
The article then goes on to quote a Matt Stoller review of a letter Ms. Clinton recently sent out on behalf of "Bush’s favorite Democrat". Matt shows examples of Ms. Clinton contradicting herself in her apparent eagerness to jump on the Joementum bandwagon; the broken-down bandwagon that's being pulled by an obviously abused and exhausted donkey. Definitely worth a read; again, the direct link to the FDL article is HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob. Just thought I'd stop by and do some cheerleading because your blog rocks. And the Ned video rocks as well. Mui

CT Bob said...

Thanks, mui!

Right now I'm waiting for some video of the NOW press conference to come in; hopefully I'll have some new video up later tonight.

Anonymous said...

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