Thursday, May 18, 2006

Taking requests for the convention

Post Convention Update: As you may know by now (and check out my "Joe & Me" video located in THIS POST if you don't know) I never got to ask the Senator a question. But if I did, the only question I could remember (while I was nervously quaking in my boots) was Leisureguy's: The question I want to ask: "Will you support the winner of the Democratic primary for the US Senate?"

Leisureguy, send me you email address and I'll arrange to get a copy of the DVD to you when I get it done...probably sometime before Xmas, but I can't say for sure!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! It felt like I was there representing all of you, and your support is appreciated.
Holy shit! I didn't even realize that today is "Connecticut Bob's" ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY! Wow, and what a month it's been...and I think it's only gonna get better. Awesome!
Tomorrow begins the Democratic State Convention at the lovely, giant-steel-drum of a building Expo Center (wonderful acoustics in there, believe you me), starting at 6PM. I'll be there early, and since I'm going to be covering the event with my video camera, I thought it would be a good idea to open the blog up for requests on what you'd like to see covered there.

Of course, as a responsible journalist, I do have an obligation to make every effort to cover the important speeches and votes. But I also want to document some of the behind-the-scenes action that rarely makes it onto the news.

I'm compiling a list of questions to ask, should I get an opportunity to talk to any of the candidates or party bigwigs. What I'd like to hear are YOUR suggestions. Yes, this is interactive politics at it's best!

As an incentive, I'm offering a free DVD copy of the convention footage I shoot should I get to ask your question. I know, I's a great prize. I'm sure it will double nicely as a beverage coaster.

So, feel free to post suggestions in the comments section; if you sign on as "anonymous" be sure to sign your comment so I know from whence it came. Sometime after the convention (if I actually get any suggestions) I'll decide who wins the DVD.

Try to get your entries in by noon Friday, as I probably won't have computer access at the convention. I may be able to check the blog early Saturday, depending on the schedule, but don't count on it. It's gonna be a busy two days up in Capital City.

Democracy marches ON!


CT Bob said...

Sometimes it marches SLOWLY, but it still marches onward! ;)

LeisureGuy said...

The question I want to ask: "Will you support the winner of the Democratic primary for the US Senate?"

Anonymous said...

Who is supposed to select representatives - the people, or the DLC? Will the DLC accept the will of the people?

Dr Doom said...

"Are you now, or have you ever been, a shill for the Republican Party?"

Anonymous said...

"Who really cooks the books?" asked Warren Buffet in a notable NYT Op Ed []
While generally not well known, Joe Lieberman's responibility for degradation of FASB and the ouster of Arthur Levitt in favor of Harvey Pitt is one one of the more shameful episodes in recent US history. As the Republican Party's Trojan Democrat, he help lay the groundwork for the present Culture of Corruption.

Anonymous said...

Why are the Dems so affraid of Joe. I hear many to them say that they are not happy with Joe, but they will vote for him as to not get on his bad side.
When will they get a spine?
It is sad that this is what has happened to the party.

Anonymous said...

O.K. Bob Adams, here’s my two cents. A little bitter I admit, but my fire is women’s rights.

Joseph Lieberman failed to support the filibuster against the confirmation of the right-wing, anti-abortion Supreme Court Justice nominee, Samuel Alito. Lieberman told the right-wing talk show host, Sean Hannity, that he voted against the “filibuster cause (he) thought that, you know, it was time to move on.” What kind of message does it send to women and girls in the state of Connecticut if delegates show support for a man who has shown a blatant disregard for women’s rights on this and other matters? Should we tell our daughters that it is o.k. for the government to interfere with their lives? Should we tell our daughters that it’s o.k. for certain hospitals to refuse rape victims preventative contraception because another hospital is a short ride away?

CT Bob said... I supposed to ask that in one breath, or can I break it into paragraphs?

Hmmm....I guess I better buy more video tape!

Anonymous said...

Hi from FDL! My two questions --
"Can we agree yet that Lieberman was wrong about Iraq?"
"Do you really want your son or daughter (grandaughter/grandson)to have to grow up in Joe Lieberman's world?"

Anonymous said...

Remind the convention, this government is FOR the PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE. Anyone elected has to swear on a bible to uphold the Constitution of the US...and it has not been done in the past six years.
All elected officials are elected to represent the PEOPLE, not their crony's or the for their own pockets.
The Congress of Corruption must end now....THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!

Anonymous said...

O.K. Bob Adams, here's another burning question:
The Quinnipiac poll of May 2, 2006 suggested that 61% of all Connecticut voters disapprove of the war in Iraq and 71% disapprove of the job the President is doing. If delegates show support for the pro-war, pro-Bush senator, Joseph Lieberman, and shut down the possibility of an open, honest debate, what does this say to Connecticut voters about the state of our Democracy?
That and other burning questions . . . Doesn't Lieberman support Guantanamo? It must be the Neil Young CD I got in the mail today.

Anonymous said...

Oh Geez, B.A. and immanentize! Do what you think best. I just want the delegates to know some of the positions of women here in CT and how some of us feel got tossed like two-bits to the garbage heap with South Dakota and all after the Alito filibuster. Bitter I know.

Anonymous said...

Senator Lieberman, could you tell us exactly when it was that you "stood up to Big Oil"? Just askin'...

CT Bob said...

These are great questions! I'm hoping to ambush (in a non-arrestable manner) Joe's limo when it rolls up to the Expo center (I'm assuming he'll arrive in a limo...seems about right, since we have no fuel problems right now).

mui, you can call me plain ol' Bob; just in case you weren't aware of it, B.A., Connecticut Bob, and Bob Adams is all me. I can't tell if you know all my aliases or whatever.

BTW, there's a few "inside" delegates working on finding out about the "emergency meetings" Joe demanded tonight. Things are gonna be wild at the convention.

I can't fucking WAIT for tomorrow to get here! How the hell am I supposed to sleep tonight?

Of course, Scotch and Tylenol PMs usually do the trick. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I know but I never knew what you liked best. Benedryl sometimes works .

ctkeith said...

If I were you I'd do an interview with that Dapper Fellow who owns

See ya there!

Anonymous said...

if you can't support your party's position on the iraq war, then why can't you find one of the many other issues that democrats care about to show support for your party, as opposed to condeming your own party for criticizing President Bush?

Anonymous said...

O.K. one last one, cause I have not taken any Benedryl yet.
According to the New Haven Register, the Connecticut Catholic Conference has stated that Catholic hospitals have a right to turn away rape victims seeking emergency contraception, saying,. "These institutions should not be forced to violate their religious beliefs, especially those concerning the human dignity of every person, no matter at what stage of life." Joseph Lieberman has stated his agreement.
Question: Do the delegates want to support a man who apparently thinks it’s o.k. for religious principles to get in the way of a rape victim’s right to standard medical treatment? Is the dignity of a rapist’s spawn/spermatozoa more important than the dignity, health, safety and psychological well-being of our mothers, daughter, granddaughters, nieces, sisters and friends?

Jay Ackroyd said...

Question for Joe:

There are, according to a number of reports (most recently George Packer in the New Yorker, Fred Kaplan in the Atlantic), permanent bases that have been built in Iraq. These bases, if fully staffed, would result in a permanent presence of between 30 and 40 thousand troops in Iraq.

Do you support indefinitely maintaining a force level of this magnitude in Iraq?

Follow ups:

How does this affect the notion that Iraq’s government is sovereign?

How is that the US was able to commit the resources to build these bases in the absence of an Iraqi government (which still has not come together)? With whom does the US have a force agreement?

Second question for Joe:

In John Yoo’s book defending the President’s Constitutional authority to engage in any military action without consent of the Congress, he says the only power the Congress has with respect to controlling Presidential warmaking is the power of the purse.

The Congressional Research Service reported recently that the adminstration “diverted” about 2 billion dollars from other appropriations to preparations for the Iraq war.

Why haven’t you and your fellow Senators responded to the President taking actions that even John Yoo has deemed an unconstitutional usurpation of Congressional authority?

Anonymous said...

Why, Joe, are none of your family fighting in Iraq?

[From Joe'own senate website]
Senator Lieberman lives in New Haven and Washington with his wife Hadassah. Together they are the proud parents of four children - Matthew, Rebecca, Ethan and Hana - and three granddaughters, Tennessee, Willie and Eden.

Anonymous said...

How about :

When President Bush starts campaigning for candidates, will he stump for Lieberman or the Republican who gets the endorsement tomorrow? The Democrats definitely don't need the President's help with his poll numbers.


Anonymous said...

OK, just one more post.
According to the May 2 2006 Quinnipiac poll, 83% of all Democrats responded that going to war with Iraq was wrong. Will the delegates show unanimous support for a senator who does not represent the views of the vast majority of Democrats in the state of Connecticut on this issue?

According to the same poll, 85% of all Democrats in Connecticut support a law that requires Catholic hospitals to provide emergency contraception to rape victims? 74% of all Catholics in Connecticut also support the law. Will the delegates show unanimous support for a senator who neither represents the views of the vast majority of Democrats in the state of Connecticut on this issue, nor that of most Catholics in the state.

Lieberman has said he welcomes open honest debate with CT residents. Why should delegates allow him to force his way out of a primary? It's undemocratic.

Anonymous said...

Considering you're assumption is correct that those who critize the president during a time of wardo so at their peril, then wouldn't it be true that a president could do just about anything if we were in a perpetual state of war? Who do we turn to to set it right?

CT Bob said...

Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm offline until late tonight or tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Karen M said...

Another vote cast for some version of mui's questions holding JL accountable for his dismissive views of women's health care.

However, if you want to ask an even more sarcastic question, ask JL whether he thinks this race might be some kind of karmic retribution for 2000 when he hedged his bets--while running for VEEP!-- and ran for the senate, too. I thought that was craven at the time.

Anonymous said...

May have been suggested but has anyone pinned Lieberman down to say that he will NOT become a republican should some dems not be on his side - I mean after the election. I read about the Reid deal and how Joe shafted them in the back on that but seems like if the question is put to him,
'If you are elected as a democrat will you PROMISE that you will NEVER quit the party."

Seems like the question could be couched like "to assure dems who think you kiss Bush's ass too much, looking like Republican, will you promise...blah blah blah.

The question itself will shed doubt on him. I think he is a prime party jumping politician. He'll knife EVERY dem in the back. Anyone who sucks up to Bush like he does has NO Principles - just a line of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

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