Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Video of NOW endorsing Ned Lamont

The complete video of the NOW (http://now.org) endorsement of Ned Lamont is done. This is Ned's first major endorsement by a national organization, and it dovetails nicely with the recent NARAL-CT and Connecticut Choice Voice endorsements.

The video starts with a couple minutes of introductions by Rosemary Dempsey of NOW Connecticut, and Melody Drnach, NOW Action Vice President. Then Ned speaks and touches on some significant issues. This is followed by a brief Q&A and some related chatting. You'll get to see a poster of the Joe Lieberman "Get yer *** to another hospital" maps near the end.

Branford Boy at My Left Nutmeg has a full transcript of the speech located HERE. That was quick!

Remember, if the video plays choppy, hit the PAUSE button for a minute for so, then start it again. The file's about 16MB, so it'll take a little while to load. And please post your comments below (but go easy on the critique...this was a rush job, after all.) Major props go to Neal at WithoutAPurpose for his video work.

(...and frickin' Youtube.com should allow longer than 10 minute videos...just sayin')


NL said...

Great work, Bob. Ned rocks! This endorsement will be looked back at as the turning point for the campaign. On to victories on Aug 8th and Nov. 7th!

spazeboy said...


I was looking into this particular feature of YouTube: A Director's Account.

You definitely ought to get one, they lift the time limit on your videos.

spazeboy said...

Dammit, the link I posted doesn't work (I added a trailing slash, it's a bad habit...)


Besides, you taught me that preview is for wimps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Connecticut Bob!

Not only for this video, but for those wonderful Hospital Maps.

Hope you can hand out those maps at the state convention.

Anonymous said...

Bob, good speech. You rock! Ned rocks! & now Lowell Weicker rocks! Hope you guys check out the editorial in the Hartford Courant.
(O.K. enough girlish outburst and cheerleading. As you were.)
Enough of War, May 17, 2006
Lowell P. Weicker Jr.

CT Bob said...

Keep cheering, mui, keep cheering!

This weekend is gonna be the REAL kickoff of the campaign, and things are gonna get majorly exciting for the next 11 weeks!

CT Bob said...

Cozumel, I drove up there Monday with my notebook PC, just to check out the likelyhood of unsecured servers (and also find out some details of the convention).

Sadly, anywhere within or around the building there were only secure routers with any transmitting power. They require a password to connect to, available for that ridiculous fee.

I'm going to see if I can borrow some computer time from the paid media; a lot of those guys are Lamont-friendly, and might want to help ol' CT-Bob get online to file a quick report or two.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

CT Bob said...

Spazeboy, thanks for the Youtube head-up. I'm a Youtube "Director" now...I guess I can post a 14-minute video now.

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