Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pre-convention photos

Some early convention frame caps, sort of to catch the ambience of the event.

Here's local blogger Spazeboy with MyDD.com blogger Matt Stoller about an hour before the convention officially begins.

Lamont-campaign blogmeister Tim Tagaris apparently regrets the CT Expo's No Smoking policy while connecting to the Net for some live blogging.

Ned arrives and greets his supporters, while the skies begin clearing for the first time in a very rainy week. The metaphors presented themselves with remarkable prescience.

N.O.W. representing at the Convention with the "Joe's maps" posters that have become so "NETorious" (I just coined that word). I wonder how Senator Lieberman feels each time he sees a picture of the maps. Probably not nearly as bad as an assault victim who is denied treatment at a Connecticut hospital.

More later, plus video. And I just ordered a 250MB external firewire drive; my notebook only has a 40GB disk, and I had to delete all my episodes of "The Sopranos" in order to make enough room...believe me, it was a difficult decision, but no sacrifice is too great for the cause.

And Frank Vincent is awesome on the show this season! He's my favorite bad guy.


ctblogger said...

The Vito murder was just brutal. What an amazing season...

CT Bob said...

Uhh...I haven't watched that episode yet...



CT Bob said...

OK, I just watched it. You didn't really ruin it for me, I knew Vito was gonna get whacked sooner or later.

Best line of the show - Phil comforting his sister after Vito died:

"I loved him like a brother...in-law."

spazeboy said...


Again, 'twas bound to happen, but no more Sopranos spoilers! :)

CT Bob said...

Oh shit, now I did it!


Tim said...

Great post, as always. For the record, the cigarette was unlit; I just needed one at that moment and pulled a Sammy Farha (for those familiar). =)


CT Bob said...

"...I just needed one at that moment and pulled a Sammy Farha..."

At least you're ALL IN on the Lamont campaign. :)

Anonymous said...

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