Monday, May 08, 2006

"Blank Check Joe"

Branford Boy over at My Left Nutmeg posted an article from The Philly Inquirer about Lieberman's desperate attempts to shore up support for his sagging campaign.

Here's part of the quote:
"In his effort to avoid being beaten or embarrassed, Lieberman has been busy dialing for allies. For instance, on St. Patrick's Day, a local Democrat named John McNamara answered his cell and discovered Lieberman on the line. McNamara, who works at a Hartford college, has chaired the party in New Britain since 1993, yet Lieberman had never called him, because Lieberman had never needed him - until now.

"The call didn't go well. McNamara told Lieberman that the war was a "damn mess," and that he, Lieberman, had given Bush a blank check. As McNamara now recounts the conversation: "I said that if it wasn't for Lamont, we would not be having this discussion. I can't imagine he agreed with that, because guys like him generally want a free ride, don't they? Anyway, he asked for my support. I couldn't give it."

Well, I happen to know that Lieberman DIDN'T give Bush a blank check after all...he in fact helpfully filled in the blanks, to the tune of $300 BILLION DOLLARS. And as you can see, the checkbook is brand new (check number 102), and there's plenty more checks where that came from.

Let's take the checkbook away from Joe Lieberman before he wastes any more of our money...not to mention thousands of lives, America's prestige, and any good karma we've managed to accumulate in the last 230 years.

(As an aside, I was sorely tempted to edit the image to read "Three Hundred Billion & no SENSE", but as a rule I try to avoid puns unless absolutely necessary...)

(...of course, by posting that comment, I ended up including the pun anyway...)

(...and I do admire the Senator's handwriting. Very nice penmanship.)


CT Bob said...

I think we might still have enough time to avoid a war with Iran. Smart move for their leader (is he considered a President? I don't know how you can have a real president in a theocracy, because anything you do can be overruled by the head clerics) to write that letter to Bush.

Then again, some can argue that WE have a President in name only, too...

Anonymous said...

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