Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Democrats with videos win!

This year's race was unique in that for the first time we took advantage of the power of the internet to bring the local candidates and the voters together. While we didn't have a clean sweep, we certainly did everything we could to get the message out there, and I'm pretty sure it helped.

Here's the list of winning Milford Democrats who made videos:

Board of Aldermen:
Ben Blake
Martin Hardiman
Phil Vetro
Bob Nunno
Suzanne Manning
Barbara Lambert
Jessica Blacketter

Planning & Zoning:
Susan Shaw
Victor Ferrante

Board of Education:
Greta Stanford
Tracey Casey
David W. Steinlauf
Jim Quish
David Hourigan
James M. Santa Barbara

And of course, the venerable City Clerk Alan Jepson, who was cross endorsed by both parties anyways, but he did make a video and he received exposure across the region.

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