Thursday, November 15, 2007

Election audit slated for Milford precinct

Among the 10% of statewide precincts to undergo a manual audit of election results is one in Milford. This is NOT a recount; the results of the election have been certified and will stand. This is an audit for the express purpose of verifying the accuracy of the new machines and the entire voting process.

The District 2-1 precinct, at John F. Kennedy School, 515 Pope's Island Rd. in Milford has been selected for the audit. There are 695 total voting precincts in Connecticut, and by law 10% must be audited, or 70 in this case.

I spoke to City Clerk Alan Jepson today, and while he's aware of the audit, he said he hasn't been notified in writing yet by the Secretary of State's office. I also called Secretary Bysiewicz's office and learned that the audit must take place no earlier than two weeks after the election and be completed no later than the end of the month, which means it must be run between Nov. 21st and 30th.

This is open to the public and will be announced by either the City Clerk or the Registrar's office when it's scheduled. I hope to be able to attend and document the process for publication on the Internet.

Additional information: The Secretary of State's office has published this Recanvass Manual (in Word format) (h/t to BlastFromGlast from My Left Nutmeg) which is a guide to procedures for recounts. It doesn't seem to discuss the audit procedure though, so I'll keep looking. The manual is linked from a helpful blog filled with all sorts of election info, so visit


BlastFromGlast said...

Before the Sept audits, the SOTS office published Audit Procedures. They should be publishing at least a slightly revised version (it had Sept deadlines in it) shortly.

CT Bob said...

Keep me posted. Thanks!