Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kucinich TV launch; Chris Murphy live blog on MLN

Live blog Postponed. See update below.

Today (Wednesday) Rep. Chris Murphy (D-4) will be live blogging at My Left Nutmeg (click here) at approx. 6:30PM, or possibly may be later depending on an important Iraq vote in the House.

And tonight at 9PM ET, Dennis Kucinich launches Kucinich TV (click here), an online TV network which will deal with the issue of the Cheney impeachment (House Res. 333). The first broadcast will be a LIVE "town-hall style" discussion of the reasons why this is so critical going into the final 14 months of Bush/Cheney.

There's a writer's strike, so regular TV stinks. Tune in to Kucinich TV!

UPDATE: Sorry, folks, it seems the debate on the Iraq bill just started and likely won't end until 9pmish or later.

So the liveblog is being postponed, probably will happen tomorrow but I'll let you know for sure on timing when I confirm.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your patience, hopefully things will iron out at K-TV.

There's an effort to remove one obstacle to impeachment: Pelosi. Here's the status.

Good luck with your blog.

Kevin Allerston said...

Hi there my liberal friends! A friend of mine at the Megadeth message boards has decided to do his part to help Kucinich in his race for the nomination. We are under no dilusions about the prospects of him becoming president, but we want to support him all the same.

He has created a site to raise money for Kucinich, and while I am Canadian, I could't help but want to help.

The page is currently being re-designed, but I feel this one is still quite good.

Spread the word! (If you want :P)

CT Bob said...

I wasn't online last night, so I didn't get a chance to see the K-TV broadcast. Was there some kind of technical problem with it?