Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hastert is History

Woohoo! They're dropping like flies!

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert officially resigns as of 10:59PM CST tonight.

Why the strange time? Does Jupiter enter Virgo exactly at that moment, which apparently bodes well for washed-up politicians who are skulking out of office well before their term expires? Somebody who knows astrology, please comment.

More to the point, this gives me an excuse to repost this classic video of Senator Lieberman lying like a moth-eaten rug about his statements regarding the Hastert-Foley sex scandal.

Watch how he starts lying even BEFORE I manage to get the question fully out of my mouth! He sees me, and his rotten little brain starts chugging away at the lies so quickly that he can't even contain them! It's impressive how he manages to lie so many times in a single sentence! If there was a liar's hall of fame, they'd have to build an entire wing dedicated to Joe Lieberman's Lies. "Nobody wants to get us out of Iraq more than me!" LIES, I TELLS YA, ALL LIES!!!


...sorry about that little outburst.

Here's the video.


Sellitman (Kevin) said...

I'm just glad your lens didn't blow apart filming that slimy douche bag. Have I told you how much I despise that turd today?

CT Bob said...

I wish there was someone filming me filming him, because it was very funny the way I asked the question. I was standing next to the guy from Sweden's Channel 4, who had just wrapped up asking all his questions.

Then, as he and the other 2 or 3 interviewers standing to my left began turning away, I started asking my question. Suddenly, all the microphones popped back in front of the senator, and he saw there was no way that he could avoid answering me without looking cowardly. That's why he stumbled through that ridiculous answer. I don't know if he even thought about what he was saying, rather than how he looked saying it.