Friday, November 23, 2007

Milford Inauguration Night

This is the video of the inauguration of Milford's elected officials, on November 19th. The Democrats won majorities in all the elected town boards, although the voters didn't seem willing to abandon their "nice guy" candidate, Mayor Jim Richetelli.

Which is OK, since nothing gets done in this town without approval by the now Democratically-dominated Board of Aldermen. This week's Aldermanic organizational meeting may shed a little light on a local Republican party in disarray, since they couldn't decide on a Minority Leader, necessitating several hours of discussion that would have been avoided had they been unified in their leadership. They claim to want the position shared between two(!) aldermen, which makes very little sense to me. But I guess it's very difficult to give up the power they've enjoyed for so many years, so this may be a way to show the Democrats that they'll be difficult to work with.

So much for all the "good feelings" and the promise to work together that they gave immediately after the election!

All the winning candidates are listed in the video and sworn in, even if I couldn't capture everyone's face (those stupid poinsettias on the stage blocked some of my view!) City Clerk Alan Jepson's entire speech is included, because he discussed a lot of things that are notable before he swore in the elected officials.

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