Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Republican "Youtube" debate

I can't believe I watched the whole thing!

Actually, I was over on FDL, live commenting with the rest of the FireDogs, and had a great time. "Great" in the manner of watching a really awful yet horrifying movie, like "The Ring", except where the ghoulish little girl is played by Fred Thompson.

...and making cynical, yet snarky comments about it. Fun.

Here's a list of conclusions I've deduced about the Republicans:
* There's no tiny bit of the Constitution that's more important than the 2nd Amendment

* It's entirely possible to be positioned as both Pro-Life and Pro-Death

* These guys spend a lot of time reading the Holy, a LOT

* Republican You-Tubers are possibly the scariest collection of NASCAR rednecks to ever see the inside of a drunken barn dance

* Brown people are the biggest threat to this nation and they must be stopped, even though nobody else is going to pick our lettuce

* Anderson Cooper asked a good question about Rudy's illicit hotel expenses, then meekly accept a lame-assed answer rather than following up with anything interesting

* Taxes will never be increased to pay for this ridiculous war as long as there are countries still dumb enough to lend us money

* I have no doubt that these awful white men are convinced they'll win based solely on their appeal to the batshit crazy segment of the voters
My conclusion to the entire evening is this: as a nation, we will be well and truly fucked if ANY one of these guys manages to slither their way into the White House next year! I have no doubt about that whatsoever. Whatever it will take to get a Democrat into the Oval Office, we've got to be prepared to do.

And by that, I mean we have to make sure we win by a large enough margin that there's no way possible the Republicans can steal it from us again. Because if we don't win by a landslide, we'll lose.



Sellitman (Kevin) said...

You nailed it. I watched what I could but my stomach couldn't handle the whole debate.

CT Bob said...

It was easy, once I disconnected from any intellectual response and tried to enjoy it for the theater of the grotesque that it truly was. There was a certain poetry to the horror being played out live on national TV.

Anonymous said...

I can't watch the whole thing. It's like a horror show except that Freddie Kruger and Jason seem to be somewhat normal next to these jokers.