Sunday, November 04, 2007

Scenes from the premiere

Here's a few quick photos from the big "Honk For Peace" red carpet gala tonight. More soon, but I'm exhausted from all the fun!

UPDATE: A new image from Spazeboy (and his review HERE) at the bottom of this post!

Filmmaker Mr. Corey Boutilier is interviewed on the red carpet by video bloggers (L to R: Caffeinated Geek Girl, Spazeboy, and special guest vlogger MBair).

"Ladies of the Evening" Kim Hynes and Tessa Marquis are human traffic cones, helpfully trying to save the space right in front of the theater for Ned and Annie's car.

Annie and Ned grace the red carpet and talk to the media.

A very dapper "Hollywood Bob" appears with last year's senate candidates Ned Lamont and Alan Schlesinger.

Sue from MLN (with Lorenzo, of course!), MBair, me, and Spazeboy enjoy the party. You can tell we're having fun, because we're all holding drinks. And smiling. Drinks + smiling = FUN!

Spazeboy, in his eye-punishing iridescent striped shirt, is flanked by our two favorite senate candidates.

Now, I think this is funny as hell, but did Beau have to make my ego so much TALLER than me?!? I mean, jeeeez!

Of course, you can click on any of the photos to see their true largeness. Or not. I don't care what you do, because I'm going to sleep now.

Just know that the video is going to be a lot of fun when I finally edit it! Special thanks go to Spazeboy and CGG for filming everyone on the red carpet, including me!


Melissa said...

Yeap, Bob finally got me holding a video camera. And the picture of me taping shows you exactly how comfortable I am in that role. :)

Anonymous said...

Why does that grown woman drag a fake sunflower everywhere she goes?

CT Bob said...

No no, you've got it wrong...the sunflower drags HER around!

Never underestimate the awesome power of Lorenzo!

Anonymous said...

Wherez the vidz?

CT Bob said...

Uploading one of them now.