Wednesday, November 28, 2007

TRex has his own blog!


Fellow FireDogLake alumnus TRex (short for "Thesaurus Rex") has taken a giant step out on his own with the creation of his new blog, "I Am TRex", located at

Many who were on the campaign trail last year during the exciting senate Primary and General Election will remember TRex, who spent considerable time in Connecticut covering the campaign for FireDogLake. TRex's biting wit (what other type of wit could a giant dinosaur possible have?) and satirical posts have been a mainstay at FDL for a long time. His "Late Night" and "Late Late Night" posts were often a final stop on my blogging rounds.

In his own words, here's why he's starting the blog:
I was finding that my tendency to speak my mind and damn the consequences was running counter to the goals of a high-traffic group blog. FDL is going to be heading into an exciting new phase of its existence and I wish them nothing but the best.
Holy shit! Having read many of his posts over the last several years, I can only imagine the stuff he's going to put up on his new blog now that he has complete free rein.

...and I'm looking forward to it!

Go over to I Am TRex and see his new home!


Anonymous said...

Bob, when you talk about granting someone "free reign," that is incorrect terminology. You would give one "free rein" as I would give my horse free rein to gallop as fast as he can or pull on the reins to slow him down or bring him to a stop. As for example, FDL reined in TRex because of some problems they encountered. Reign spelled with a "g" refers to a king or queen reigning over a kingdom. Yes, check your thesaurus!

CT Bob said...

Ah, you are correct sir! He won't "reign" over the blog as a king would his kingdom. Well, actually he will. But that's not the usage I was going for. "Free rein" is indeed the phrase I was looking for, as in a horse (or giant carnivorous dinosaur, as the case may be) galloping freely.

Thank you for the correction, for "reining me in" grammatically so to speak. I will correct the mistake in a moment.