Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brilliant moves

There are two interesting news stories this morning that provide a fascinating contrast in what I call "brilliant moves".

Barack Obama continued his international tour with an important visit to Israel. Obama pledged Wednesday to maintain a close relationship between the United States and Israel.

And in a "brilliant move" that not only helps cement his relationship with American Jews, but also puts to rest the pejorative Neocon smear that he's a "closet Muslim", Obama began his second day in the Middle East on Wednesday by meeting Israeli leaders and laying a wreath at a Holocaust memorial.

The photo above is worth a million words in disabusing that hateful "Muslim" smear. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh ain't enjoying his corn flakes and codeine much this morning.

And in another "brilliant move", Sen. Joseph Lieberman is apparently doing his part to embrace the end times prophecies of some Christian theology by speaking to the followers of embattled preacher Rev. John Hagee, at a Christians United for Israel conference.

Many in the Jewish community have expressed distrust of Christians United for Israel, believing its members were only supporting Israel in their belief that an establishment of Zion is required before Jesus Christ can return.

Jews wouldn't have a part in that belief of salvation, unless they repent and convert to Christianity!

McCain has publicly disavowed Hagee for his anti-Catholic rhetoric and heinous remarks regarding Adolf Hitler. I would imagine that he sees little political gain in Lieberman sucking up to that hateful quack. I can't figure out if Lieberman truly believes this will help John McCain win in November, or if he is giving in to a pathological craving to go against anyone who advises him on how to comport himself. I'm guessing the latter.

Because Joe is a true independent. He apparently acts completely independent to rational thought and moral judgment. There's no higher authority in Lieberman's mind than Joe Lieberman.

Brilliant move, Joe.

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