Monday, July 14, 2008

Lieberman isn't fooling anybody

From Christine Stuart at CT News Junkie:
Before heading to Bridgeport Monday, U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman stopped at Our Piece of the Pie in Hartford to talk about a $200,000 earmark the nonprofit social service agency will be receiving this year. After a brief tour of the facility on Sargent Street, Lieberman agreed to answer some general questions from the media.
Did Lieberman happen to mention if he agrees with his buddy John McCain's hard line stance on ending ALL earmarks if he wins in November? Is Lieberman against earmarks too? If he is, why is he openly embracing this particular earmark?

Perhaps he's indulging in a little political grandstanding at the expense of Sen. McCain's widely stated position of being against all earmarks.
Asked who the independent-minded senator would be supporting in the 4th District race between Republican incumbent Chris Shays and Democrat Jim Himes, Lieberman said, “I haven’t made a decision.” But he added, “I would be less than direct if I didn’t say Congressman Shays and I have worked very closely over the years. We’re very close friends … I just think he’s a great person and a great Congressman.”
We know that, Joe. You're very particular in that you only kiss Republicans.

“I don’t know Jim Himes very well,” he said. “I’m sure a lot of Democratic candidates aren’t hankering for my endorsements from me in Democratic primaries perhaps they’ll be happy for it in the general election.”
"I don’t know Jim Himes very well..."

Hmmm...I wonder where I've heard THAT excuse before?

Oh yes, it was our own Speaker of the House, Jim Amman, who said he didn't support Ned Lamont after he won the primary; not because he disagreed with Lamont's stance on any particular issue, but because he didn't "know anything" about him.

It seems to me that people like Amann and Lieberman are shirking their responsibilities when they don't bother to find out the slightest things about the candidates in their own state. Hey guys, we're PAYING you to figure out some things about the candidates before you decide who you're going to endorse. We're NOT paying you to play favorites based on political favors owed, or that mousy "he's my friend" bullshit that we hear all too often in politics as an excuse for going against your constituent's wishes.

If your precious friendship is so important, join a bowling league together or play cribbage one night a week. But we expect you to make your decisions based on cold hard facts rather than personal loyalties. I'd equally hate the idea of a judge making a legal decision based on the fact that the prosecutor is his golfing buddy. This is no difference in my opinion. Politicians need to stop abdicating their duties and make it their business to know what the candidates are all about before they endorse one of them.
Lieberman went on to talk about why he continues to caucus with Democrats and touched on his position in presidential politics. He did not reveal whether he would speak at the Republican National Convention on behalf of the Republican presidential nominee, U.S. Sen. John McCain.
Oh, he's SO going to speak at the Republican convention! Don't even kid yourselves about that. He's playing the Democratic side of the fence ONLY so that when he does pull his inevitable "Zell Miller" routine, he'll have more credibility with the media and low-information voters because he can claim to be the pretend Democrat that he acts like.

Fortunately for everyone, come early next year Lieberman will be unceremoniously dumped out the door from his Homeland Security Committee chair, and when he walks across the hall he'll find the Republicans have rolled up their welcome mat.

Politics "Joe's way" ain't pretty.

UPDATE - New video of Joe's smirky remarks, from Christine Stuart:

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