Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Would Whitnum have talked with the Taliban?

More or less, anyway.

Hidden deep down in an article about Democratic candidate for the 4th CD Lee Whitnum's rant against just about every type of immigration (and I would imagine that Lee herself is 100% Choctaw Indian, since there's no way someone who is so dead set against immigration, legal or otherwise, could possibly have roots outside of North America) is a very disturbing statement by her.

From today's Connecticut Post:
...I called Himes "part of the problem" in Middle East policy for actions including visiting Israel earlier this month. "We need an arms-length relationship with all allies," she said.

I said that the United States made a major mistake by invading Afghanistan, failing to work with the Taliban to improve to life of its citizens... (emphasis mine)
OK, now, we all know how reasonable and receptive to new ideas the Taliban are. I hear they're big fans of the new Batman movie, and they especially enjoy the hip-hop stylings of Keyshia Cole. Those guys are nothing if not hip to pop culture!

So I'm sure they'd be absolutely willing to sit down with Lee over a nice cup of tea and have a polite and civil discussion about the merits improving the life of their citizens, expanding health care and literacy, and treating their women with the respect they deserve.

Then they'd chop her head off and have a jolly laugh about it afterwards.

I bring this up only because as much of a long shot Whitnum is, the only way people will realize what she's all about is if they get to SEE and HEAR the outrageous things she says.

We need to keep reminding people that while Iraq was a huge mistake, the invasion of Afghanistan was and will always be a necessary and justified response to the 9/11 attacks. The only reason we haven't attained victory there yet is because Bush/Cheney took so many resources out of Afghanistan to send to Iraq that we currently lack the required military capability to manage a successful operation there.

Our brave soldiers continue to die and our nation continues to borrow outrageous sums to fund the illegal war in Iraq (which we, and our children, will be paying back for generations), while Osama bin Laden is still walking around somewhere. Mission NOT Accomplished.

So Whitnum saying that invading Afghanistan was a "major mistake" is a clear indication of her political naiveté and reckless policy statements. If she somehow manages to get to Congress, she'll likely make her decisions based solely on emotions or whims.

Oh, and the article refers to Whitnum in the title as "Bridgeport candidate targets immigrants", when in fact Whitnum is from Greenwich. Kind of lousy fact-checking there, Conn Post.

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