Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Father of the Toobz is dead

Republican Senator Ted Stevens' political career died suddenly today in Alaska. It was 56 years old.

Stevens has been an undaunted supporter of the telecom corporations, and was personally responsible for creating that wonderful "series of tubes" commonly known as "the internet". Stevens worked diligently with the telecoms against net neutrality before his untimely demise. He also helped create the biggest monument to pork barrel spending in American history, the "Bridge to Nowhere".

Stevens is survived by Mark Begich, current mayor of Anchorage and Democratic candidate for Senate in Alaska.

In lieu of flowers, donations will be accepted at Mark Begich For Senate. If you support the freedom of the internet, consider sending a donation in loving memory of Ted Stevens' political career.

Remember, the toobz is a terrible thing to waste.

UPDATE: Failure is a communicable disease obviously spread by casual contact.

ted steven and George Bush

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