Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paid interns needed

Tessa sent me this, and it's a great way for college kids to earn some money while learning to be activists.

Students: What's better than earning money to advocate for reproductive justice?

Hi undergrad and grad students,
If you attend any 2- or 4-year institution in CT, love reproductive rights/freedom/justice (choice, affordable birth control, comprehensive sex ed., safer sex, etc.), and want to learn even more about how to be an advocate and activist for reproductive justice, you should check out Planned Parenthood of CT's Campus Action Internship Program.

The basics (you actually get real money or course credit for this!):

* Attend monthly (fun! dynamic! interactive!) trainings in New Haven on organizing and activism and reproductive justice issues
* Do 5-10 hrs. per week on of events and event-planning on your campus
* Receive a stipend or course credit
* Hang out with rad interns from all over the state
* Learn even more skills you will need to be the next leader of the reproductive justice movement
* Have an awesome time
* Learn about the legislative process, why it matters and why you should care about it
* Teach your fellow interns and me about what YOU care about and WHY


e-mail or call (203) 752-2863 for more info or to apply.

Tessa: I have worked with Sally Tamarkin on a few legislative action things and she is fun and an excellent boss.

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