Friday, July 18, 2008

Harold Ford jeered at Netroots Nation

Former Congressman and DLC dweeb Harold Ford Jr. appeared at Netroots Nation today with Markos Moulitsas, and while discussing his former Fox News affiliation Ford was booed and jeered.

From The Raw Story:
The meeting between two men at opposite ends of the Democratic spectrum was meant to address party unity, but the attitude of the crowd was less than welcoming to political centrist Harold Ford.

Although both men agreed on the necessity of Democratic unity to elect Senator Barack Obama, the crowd showed that it was farther to the left than Ford after he praised FOX News.
Wait a minute! He fucking PRAISED Fox News?!? For WHAT? Is he completely insane?
During a question and answer with the audience, one man asked Ford why he was on television "smearing Democrats" if he sought party unity.

"I no longer work for FOX News, I did for about a year," Ford said, which brought clapping from those in the audience who didn't wait for Ford to finish his sentence.

"And I have great respect and admiration for my former colleagues there," Ford said, drawing immediate jeers and shouts of "Why?"

Ford added that he now works for the NBC and MSNBC news networks.


"Harold will not applaud this, but in 2010 we’re going to have some Democrats we mean business to in some primaries," Moulitsas said, referring to Netroots activists who attempt to oust Democrats they dislike.

Ford countered this view by adding that some Democrats can't always be liberal in more conservative districts.
Not only that, but some Democrats can't even be Democrats at all when visiting hotly contested districts where Republican congressmen and Bush apologists may be fighting desperately to try to beat true Democratic challengers.

Ford famously came to Connecticut back in February and publicly stated to a gathering at Fairfield University, "There is not a better Congressman in Washington than Chris Shays."

Either Harold Ford is completely tone deaf when it comes to the political climate in the districts he visits, or his time at Fox News has so thoroughly rotted his judgment to the point that he can only repeat Republican propaganda.

Jesus, Harold, maybe you should just stay home from now on.


Anonymous said...

you do realize hes a democrat and obama supporter? you act like theres something wrong with people who dont agree with you 100%

CT Bob said...

He's the sort of Democrat that is willing to play both sides of the fence for political/personal gain, rather than be a true Democrat and support the candidate who's running in the district he's appearing in.

He worked for Fox News? And then praised them? Come on! That makes him a sellout in my opinion. And for him to not only compliment Chris Shays, but to label him the best congressman in DC is ridiculous.

He doesn't have to agree with me 100% of the time, but that doesn't mean I have to pretend to like his mealy-mouthed "support" of Obama, or say that he's a great Democrat.

He's one of those "both ways" guys, and that's probably why he admires "Both Ways Shays" so much.