Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bush flip-flops on Iran

(Undersecretary of State, Moley McBadMustache)


Suddenly, when it's politically expedient, George Bush decides to talk to Iran. After 5 years of rabid anti-Iranian rhetoric, NOW he wants to talk.

There's two reasons for this that I can see:

1) Bush is feeling the heat from a majority of Americans who prefer diplomacy to war, and finally he's listening to reason, or

2) Bush is opening talks so he can make outrageous demands on Iran only to get rebuffed, thereby giving himself the justification to attack. The talks may coincide with aggressive military maneuvers near Iran in the hopes that some lower level quick-fingered Iranian soldier will let a missile fly at the threat.

I'm hoping it's number one, but George Bush always seemed to be a number two in my opinion.

If I was a betting man, I'd think probably sometime in late September. Bush wouldn't want to mess up the coverage of the Republican convention. If we can get past late September and into mid-October, we'll probably be OK.

(Correction: apparently the Undersecretary of State's name isn't "Moley McBadMustache"...his name is actually "Mrs. Edna Schwartz")

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