Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out with the old, in with the...old?

Ah, that would have been a lot more relevant around New Year's, but whaddaya gonna do? They ain't all gonna be golden nuggets!

OK, I'll admit it; I'm phoning this one in. Right now I'm so goddamn busy I had to post something that didn't require a lot of time, effort, or creativity on my part.

(I can already hear you wiseguys! "Why should today be any different? Hurr hurr hurr!" Shuddup, you's!)

I promise to be interesting, relevant, and insightful real soon.

("Well, there's a first time for everything!" I said Shuddup!!!)


Anonymous said...

I should ask. What channel are you watching? I thought they were dead.
James Howard Kunstler is afraid the most relevant Newt will run against Obama in 012 and we all know Kunstler is allways right. JC Sr.

claymonster said...

well, I know this was a quickie for you, but really...

How about the "new" Washington Obama was to usher in? Hmm???


Pot, meet kettle.

CT Bob said...

As I mentioned before, I'm giving our president the full 100 days before I start bitching. He's got a few days left.

Anonymous said...

Hey, c'mon Bob. If you're going to beat us to the punch by posting all of the obvious slapstick-style retorts before we have our chance, what comments are left for your loyal commenters to provide?

CT Bob said...

Good point. From now on I'll try to leave a few tasty morsels for you vultures to snap up! LOL!

West Haven Bob said...

CT Bob is just trying to hone his impersonation of the Republicans...They have nothing new, either!