Friday, September 01, 2006

Another example of how Lieberman has changed

From an appearance on CNN'S Larry King on October 31, 2000, immediately before the 2000 election. Hat tip to UptownNYChick on FDL.

Larry asked Joe about the fact that he was running for Senate reelection and VP simultaneously. Here's the transcript:
KING: Any second thoughts on staying on the ballot in Connecticut for the Senate?

LIEBERMAN: No, it's over. I did what the folks in the Connecticut Democratic Party who nominated me asked me to do. I will abide by the decision of the people of Connecticut.
Not anymore, huh, Joe?

And somebody explain this exchange:
KING: Help us. What happens if you win on next Tuesday, the vice presidency? What happens to the Senate seat in Connecticut?

LIEBERMAN: Well I think the legislature will try to have a special election next year. The governor is not so sure he wants that to happen. There will be a push and pull. At worst, there will be a special election two years from now, when everybody who wants to participate can. A lot of them who wanted to run for the Senate were running for other offices this year couldn't, and the voters can participate as they couldn't fully this year, because there was no time to have primaries.

So I think it's in the best interests of the people of the state. But a seat in the Senate shouldn't be filled on the run.
I mean, holy shit! Lieberman knew perfectly well that Rowland would appoint a replacement Senator, who would absolutely be a REPUBLICAN.

At the time, there was a 50-50 split in the Senate, so if all things remained the same and Gore/Lieberman won the White House, Rowland would have appointed a Republican and have given them a one-seat majority.

And Joe is acting like that wouldn't happen. Sheesh!

At the time I was so pissed at Lieberman, I voted FOR Gore/Lieberman, but AGAINST Lieberman for Senate.

And I'm proud to say that I voted against Joe Lieberman before I voted against him.

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Donnarie said...

I did the same thing in 2000. Held my nose and voted for him for VP, but didn't vote for him for Senate.

But then, I haven't voted for Joe for Senate since 1988 (the only vote I've ever regretted!).