Friday, September 29, 2006

A really good Ned Lamont video

I really enjoy this video. It's no major occasion, just Ned speaking to the Stamford DTC meeting last week, along with Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, candidates Diane Farrell (3rd District) and Mary Glassman (Lt. Governor), Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, and a galaxy of local stars.

Ned looked very much at ease and seemed to be enjoying the energy in the room. It's a longish video at about 7:30, but it goes faster than you'd think. And if you watch closely, you can see when my headphone cable catches on the camera and almost knocks the entire tripod and camera over (which would have sucked).

Make a game of it. Try and guess when it'll happen. It's fun!


Anonymous said...

I was there at the Stamford opening, and what struck me most was the amazingly enthusiastic and warm reception that Ned received from the crowd.

It was great to watch Ned's whole speech again. I wish you had been able to include the Stamford DTC chair's remarks, too, given that she formally supported Joe Lieberman in the primary but is SO ENTHUSIASTIC about Ned now. Her introduction of Ned was FANTASTIC, especially because she speaks to so many Stamford voters. She, too, is a personal friend of Joe Lieberman. She's worked to get him elected for decades. But she knows that Ned Lamont is the best choice for Senate now, and she's working her heart out to see Ned win.

If Joe is popular among Democrats anywhere, it's in Stamford. But clearly Ned won the crowd that night, and the Stamford DTC chair is really doing a great job of leading her people in the right direction - in support of Ned.

Thanks, Bob, for being on the scene!

Anonymous said...

It's funny you put this up today. I had just walked into my apt. and heard Ned on the radio earlier in the day and thought to myself that I am really proud to have supported this guy.
I am so sick of hearing people say that Democrats are not for anything, they are just against the war, the president, etc. Ned hits that dead on: we are for the good of the country. We are for responsible foreign policy and war management and accountablity in leadership positions. We are for supporting a middle class in the country with investments in businesses and job and health care. We are for educating our kids so that we can hopefully continue this democracy, the founding fathers (particularly Adams) were adamant that you could not have a democracy with out an educated citizenry.
It's great to see a Democratic Senatorial candidate stan up and say what WE stand for!
Thanks Bob

Anonymous said...

everyone is for the good of the country. democrats and republicans both have good intentions. both are trying to get things done and make things better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: really?? How come the republicans are bankrupting the country's government? How come the repubicans are ruining our military? How come the republicans are cutting funds for education?
republicans are for their own country, some nation based on the same ideals that they have rebuilt Iraq and Afghanistan on.

Anonymous said...

CT Bob, you absolutely rock. I hope you keep on posting Ned videos - I find them to be a tremendously helpful antidote to the poisonous spin - hearing Ned's voice and seeing him gives me hope and helps me sort out the difference between the spin and the real man. AND I can send links to my friends and family by email!

A note to anonymous, who says both parties have good intentions: do your homework.

HABEAS CORPUS: The right of habeas corpus is intended to prevent imprisonment without charges.

Are you aware that the recently passed detainee bill has made it possible to be detained without being charged? This is a basic constitutional right. Just remember the paving material used in the road to hell.

Unfortunately, over the past few years we have seen cover stories, pretend "good intentions" used to cover up true intentions, while Democratic intentions have been spun as negative and partisan. The war in Iraq is one well known example. An egregious recent example in your Sunday paper is the case of Florida US Rep. Mark Foley-R, who exchanged blatantly sexually charged emails with former pages (not sure about present pages) and when confronted, his office said it was just the Democrats being partisan. I think you'll agree that it's not possible to say that the House leadership had good intentions in covering this story up.

This is the year I have challenged myself to read more background material, learn who the candidates are and their positions, and know exactly who and what I'm voting for. Confession: Two years ago, when I got to the polls and voted on some local races based on whether the candidate's name sounded good to me was my all-time low, and I vowed never to do it again. I invite you to join me. I think the more you read and learn, the less you'll be satisfied with your representation that both parties have good intentions, and find the individual candidates within the parties that speak to your values and issues.

Anonymous said...

Ned rocks! Thanks Bob.