Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fashion plates we're not!

Journalist Ken Cain wrote a great article in GQ on the campaign, featuring a mention of Spazeboy and myself.

Unfortunately, as Spazeboy said, they somehow left out this photograph of the two of us, taken at Sullivan's in New Haven around the August primary.

Great job, Ken. Don't worry, I understand. I know you had to edit out the photo because of all your excessive wordiness.

Everyone, please forward the article to everyone you know. For the first time, a member of the Mainstream Media has accurately documented the thuggish tactics and dirty tricks of the Lieberman campaign.


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful and well written article. I'm really surprised to see something that good in a mainstream print publication.

It's a big day for you, Bob. Not only a mention in GQ, but your Richard Goodstein interview is back up on FDL today.

Kirby said...

Great minds think alike. I put all the links in my post below ;-)

CT Bob said...

Holy crap, I didn't even see you posted that! I was heading down to the Stamford DTC in a few minutes, so I rushed it up and bolted.

Not only do they THINK alike, but great minds also have access to photos of reprobates with bad attitudes and oddly changing hair-color.

Sue123 said...

I had to give Lorenzo a double MiracleGro martini when he realized he wasn't mentioned.

It was the best summer I ever had (and I've had some doozies).

CT Bob said...

Yeah, fun times.