Saturday, September 16, 2006

Weekend Videos

Videos on a Saturday night -- sounds good to me! Pop up the popcorn, and dig in. First, a big hat tip to Connecticut's own Amazing Spazeboy, who covered the College Democrats meeting at the University of Hartford this afternoon -- he's got full speeches by Joe Courtney (CT-2nd) and Chris Murphy (CT-5th)Democratic state office holders were there, too.

For all you baseball fans, be sure to check out Ned's new ad

And, finally, NOW from PBS aired a program on political blogging last night; you can see it online with Web extras here


Anonymous said...

It's pathetic to see Lieberman tout his record on Social Security as a positive-- when he was AWOL during the fight to protect it.

Bill's Big Diamond has a good post today going over Joe's history of selling out Social Security to the Bushies.

Anonymous said...

that baseball ad is pretty lame