Thursday, September 07, 2006

Score 1 for Scholastic! WTNH, Are You Listening?

This afternoon, Scholastic announced that they are pulling the original "guide" to the ABC GOP-U-Drama (thanks, KO) The Path to 9-11 that was not at all objective or accurately reflecting the FACTS of the 9/11 Commission Report. The company was evidently, overwhelmed by the calls and e-mails generated by bloggers like us.

But, we need to keep smacking ABC/Disney upside the head. Here is a list of ABC affiliates nationally. If it says O&O next to the station name, that means the station is owned by ABC, and can't decide not to air the program. All others are fair game -- they can pull the 9/11 crock-u-drama if they want, just like stations pre-empt for local events and sporting broadcasts all the time.

Here's the WTNH contact info:
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Jon Hitchcock
President and General Manager, WTNH-TV & WCTX
Carl Miller
Station Manager/General Sales Manager WCTX
Kirk Varner
Vice President/News WTNH/WCTX

8 Elm Street
New Haven, CT 06510

WTNH Main Number: (203) 784.8888
WTNH Main FAX: (203) 789.2010
Newsroom FAX: (203) 787.9698

While I think Geoff Fox and Dr. Mel are the most accurate weather people in the market, if WTNH doesn't step up on this one, I'll be watching elsewhere --- I never liked Desperate Housewives, anyway.


CT Bob said...

We all knew that Walt Disney was a fascist. I'm a little surprised that the Disney Corp. is still subscribing to his right-wing agenda.

Did they finally bring his head back to life?

CT Bob said...


ABC Television has just announced plans for their next "docu-drama":

"The Path to Pearl Harbor" - ABC presents a dramatization of the horrendous incident that started our involvement in World War II.

In a twist, ABC writers propose that Canada was in fact responsible for the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. The Prime Minister of Canada reportedly responded to the show by saying, "What's the matter with you hosers, eh?"

ratney said...

Nice photo of the Turdblossom!

Watch the REAL thing -

"9/11 Press Fro Truth"
"The Great Conspiracy"
"9/11 In Plane Site"
"Loose Change"
"Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime"

BETTER YET - Come to NYC this weekend, herre's the info:

Please join us for a silent memorial at Ground Zero Monday morning @ 8am, wear a black shirt...

CT Bob said...

Kirby, do you like the picture of Rove that I stuck in there?

Anonymous said...

perfect picture Bob of the biggest Turd in D.C.!

PamB said...

I don't understand WHY WTNH , a TV network in a Blue State, would join in this Distorted lie of a movie concocted by Right Wing wackos to falsely discredit Democrats and Clinton!

I shall miss Gray's Anatomy, but will wait and buy it in video form at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

read how to hurt ABC
Remote Smackdown: Downrate ABC/Disney Programs