Friday, September 22, 2006

"Calling in Sick"

This one is awesome!

The newest Ned Lamont radio ad is available here by clicking on this link.

You can't blame Joe for wanting a day off once in a while. Which of us hasn't tried some of these lame excuses on occasion?

Problem is, we're not US Senators. And we did't miss 400 votes in 3 1/2 years.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd even be fired from my cushy job. How about you??? Bob, WTG with the graphics find man; you just keep coming up with 'em!!! LOL

And boy, is this a bell-ringing top-notch ad...


Anonymous said...

Bob, you could add the fact that we didn't get into the Senate 18 years ago by portraying Weicker as a hibernating bear who missed Senate votes.

The unbearable hypocrisy of Lieberman!

CT Bob said...

J - "Google Images" is my best friend!

And yeah, the hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Anonymous said...

what a classy ad. didnt you say lieberman was the classless one? the one with dirty tactics? the attacker?

CT Bob said...

Yup. That's exactly what I said.

400 votes, chum. Which is worse, having a little harmless fun...or skipping votes that would give our troops body armor?

It amazes me what bothers you Lieber-trolls. You'll ignore the important stuff and concentrate on the distractions.

That's why Joe's gonna lose.

Anonymous said...

it amazes what bothers you nedsters (or is that too mean of a term?). when lamont does an anti-lieberman ad, blog, etc. its "harmless fun." if lieberman does something anti-lamont, he's critized as if he were a criminal. please don't be a hypocrite, bob.

CT Bob said...

OK, you win.

I'm a motherfucking hypocrite.


Now explain to me why your hero should KEEP HIS JOB after missing 400 votes in 3 1/2 years, while he GOT his job for making an issue of his predecessor missing LESS votes in MORE time.

I can well afford to be a hypocrite, you ass, because I'm NOT a motherfucking US Senator!

Why do you insist on keeping piss-poor performers in government? Do you WANT to see our nation get even weaker than it's been made in the last 6 years? Is mediocrity the accepted currency of our government?

I'm beginning to think that you don't LOVE your country!

(hee-hee...boy, did THAT feel good!)

Anonymous said...

lets see, lieberman saved over 30000 jobs at the sub base, helped clean up long island sound, and can (and has) work well with republicans and democrats. piss-poor, indeed.

i also find it weird that only some people can be hypocrites.

CT Bob said...

First of all, Lieberman DIDN'T singlehandedly save those jobs. He actually showed up and DID HIS JOB for once and made an effort to help other Connecticut lawmakers keep the base from closing. What, was Dodd sleeping while the base was threatened with closure? No.

And EB still had to lay off hundreds of workers this year and many more are expected next year. So don't make it sound like everyone who worked at the base is STILL working at the base. What about all those Sikorsky workers who are losing their jobs because Joe couldn't land the new Marine One contract (his best buddy Bush gave it to the English and Italians instead, as payback for their Iraq help).

Joe is a credit jumper who stopped giving a shit about anyone but himself years ago. Like when he ran for VP and Senate at the same time, knowing full well that Roland the corrupt Republican would get to appoint whoever he wanted to fill Joe's former seat. Believe me, six years later that STILL pisses me off!

And yeah, a stupid blogger like me CAN be a hypocrite, because my faults don't result in thousands of Americans being killed in Iraq; they don't cause us to waste hundreds of fucking BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars or murder untold THOUSANDS of innocents; they don't endorse Bush's policies that are driving our nation to obvious ruin.

So yes, we DO hold US Senators to different standards than some annoying guy with a notebook PC and a high-speed internet connection. Why would that surprise you?

C'mon...keep trying to defend your lame hero. It amuses me.

Anonymous said...

awww bob you dont give yourself enough credit. bloggers have taken a big role in this election. you have a pretty popular blog, and can sway voters, so dont act like no ones paying attention to you. i wont hold you to the same standards as a US senator, but i personally cannot stand hypocricacy.

CT Bob said...

Get over it.

Or stop reading and spend your time over on "Joe For Progress".

Either way, I win.

If you hate hypocrisy so much, why do you embrace Joe's philosophy and policies? If hypocrisy is so important to you, you're being hypocritical about your hypocrisy. And that could lead to "hypocritical mass"; where your entire reality crashes down under the combined weight of your hypocritical hypocrisy. If that happens, you might disappear over the "hypocritical horizon".

That would suck, eh?

Oh, and if you talk to anyone on Joe's website, will you please tell them to start the blog comments back up? I miss them.

Anonymous said...

i credit you for the whole "hypocritical hypocrisy" bit. many people would make that confusing, but you were understandable. i think joes hypocrisy has been overexaggerated. meaning, i think things are being taken out of context. all in all, i think joe is not a hypocrite.
ps. i dont know eric blanketbaker (or whatever his name is) so i cant really help you with that :(

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I'm kinda proud of that "hypocritical hypocrisy" rant above.

That was fun!