Friday, September 22, 2006

The Story Joe Lieberman doesn't want you to read

OK, this is starting to get a little ridiculous. Don't ask what possessed me to do this.

The truth be told, this article is worth a read. As we've stated below, this cuts straight through the usual media bullshit and goes to the heart of the story. I only wish that all reporting was as honest and hard-hitting as Ken Cain's.

Click on this working link to go to the actual article itself. Or go out an buy a copy; it's on newstands NOW. And if you actually buy the magazine, you'll get all my great fashion tips.

Either way, you win.


ctblogger said...

I'm taking fashion tips from you guys.

So sexy...

Anonymous said...

Bob, did you see that Mel Sembler is raising money for HoJo?

Mel isn't just a Republican fundraiser, he's a real dirtbag. (Read the comments at Jesus' General.) And I thought Dangerstein told us HoJo wasn't raking in the Republibucks?

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO, great pic-edit guys! I need your fashion tips myself...


CT Bob said...

My wife was amazed to see a picture of me holding a camera instead of a beer!

How's THAT for a fashion tip? LOL

"Connecticut Bob is wearing the Panasonic GS-150 mini-DV camera, with matching Heineken T-shirt and drawstring shorts. His Sketchers sneakers, white ankle socks, and jaunty yachting cap complete the ensemble."