Saturday, September 30, 2006

CT Dems for Lieberman

What a week! There's lots of analysis to do, but in the meantime...I put a tip jar up for CTBob so that he can get a new computer. We were working on the Lieberman's Days Off production and I am amazed that he can do such amazing work on his laptop. It's set up under my name KirbyCTB -- but I won't take a penny -- this is all toward a CTBob computer. The link is at the top of the right sidebar here.

Thanks so much for Harriet's comment on Joe for Torture:
This bill is the most egregious act done by our government that has just violated the every moral code of our democracy. It affirms the following:
(1) allowing the President to define torture, (2) stripping the court of judicial review via habeas corpus (even though the Constitution does not allow this except in cases of invasion or Rebellion) and (3) allowing the President to jail American citizens arbitrarily and without court review!

This bill had NOTHING to do with our safety, but EVERYTHING to do with protecting Bush's ass and giving him a free “get out of jail” card!

Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, John McCain(McCave) and the rest of the rubber stamping Republicans are just turning their backs and allowing Bush to turn this country into a police state!
And this follow-up today from newlondondem:
mentioned the bill once out canvassing today. The woman I spoke with didn't really understand it and didn't have much opinion on it. When I spelled out for her what the bill said, you should have seen her eyes widen. "It says what? It allows what? It gives the President that power? No, I don't trust him either. Lieberman voted for that?"
She was leaning Lieberman until I knocked on her door. It was gratifying.
Now, for the Connecticut "Dems" supporting Joe -- you guys know what to do. The people who are not "former" something are in bold.
Jim Amann - Speaker of the House (Co-Chair)
Reggie Beamon - State Representative, Waterbury
Jeff Berger - State Representative, Waterbury
Bert Bosse - Vice Chair Board of Finance, Lebanon
Susan Cable - First Selectwoman, Beacon Falls

Frank Cirillo - Fmr. DTC Chair, Meriden
Tom Conway - Fmr. State Representative, Waterbury
Chuck Coursey, DTC Member, West Hartford
Pat Crowley - City Council, Enfield
Kevin Cunningham - First Selectman, Plainfield
Red Edgar - Town Council, Enfield
Mary Fritz - State Representative, Wallingford
Willie Fritz - First Selectman, Clinton
Joan Hartley - State Senator, Waterbury
Mike Jarjura - Mayor, Waterbury (Co-Chair)

Kevin Knowles - Fmr. State Representative Naugatuck
Ben Lathrop - Mayor, Norwich
Pat Lynes - Deputy Majority Leader, City Council, Meriden Corky Mazurek - State Representative, Wolcott
Tom McCarthy - City Council, Bridgeport
Steve Mikutel - State Representative, Griswold

Jeff Nicholas - Former First Selectman, Bethlehem
Mike Pacowta - DTC Chair, Shelton
Iris Papale - City Council, Wallingford
John Picard - Mayor, West Haven
Rich Roy - State Representative, Milford
Dan Russo - DTC Chair, Middletown

Bill Satti - Former Mayor, New London
Domenique Thornton - Former Mayor, Middletown
Christel Truglia - State Representative, Stamford
Albert Vertefeuille - Former Selectman, Windham & Lebanon
Joe Walkovich - Fmr. State Representative, Danbury

Now, go back and read Harriet's comment, and learn this list -- these are the people who trust George Bush as king, with Joe as his knave


CT Bob said...

Fucking Milford! We got Richard Roy AND Jim Amann...Joe must have put some Koolaid in our water.

That's it; nothing but beer and bottled water for me until AFTER November 7th!

No sense in taking any chances.

Anonymous said...

i hate to break it to you, but joe lieberman and george bush are not the same person. it IS possible to be pro-joe and anti- bush

CT Bob said...

I just wish that JOE was anti-bush. Do I need to type a list of Joe's votes with the President to make my point...again? It doesn't matter if YOU hate Bush; when you vote for Joe, you're voting FOR Bush's agenda. It's as simple as that.

You can continue to fool yourself into thinking that you don't support Bush; if Joe gets reelected, Bush will never have another bill stopped in the Senate.

They just legalized TORTURE for fuck's sake! Have we become a nation of ANIMALS?

Anonymous said...

it kind of makes you wonder, if so many ct dems are supporting lieberman, is lieberman really as far to the right as many bloggers are claiming him to be?

Anonymous said...

anonymous, maybe you should check your facts before making such an obvious error! The majority of the CT dems are supporting LAMONT and according to my phone banking numbers the STRONG Lamont CT dems far out way the scrawny Joe voters! That's why I love making these calls for NED!! And you coming on this site spewing lies isn't going to make it better for Joe.. it must be hard working for Loserman?

Mary said...

If you've still got yesterday's New Haven Register, they published a letter I wrote regarding Mayor Picard's defection on page 6 (9/30). My blog entry on it was much more cynical but they edited it to the point. I've gone after Jim Amann repeatedly (also on my blog) and we have to make it clear to these quislings that their days in office are numbered too.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is how few people in Fairfield County are supporting him.
His old home base, I guess to know him; is to loathe him.

Anonymous said...

the anon who was wondering out loud here. spewing lies? bob listed 30 ct dems with local government positions. i think thats a lot. obviously lamont is getting more democratic suppot, but i think this was big for joe. is that ok, harriet?