Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hadassah doesn't get it either

Hadassah Lieberman, who this summer morphed from Hill and Knowlton high-power PR firm member to senator's wife, spoke to a group of nursing executives last night in CT. Here's about H&N
Hill & Knowlton brings to this challenge a global team of more than 200 healthcare professionals who understand everything from pharmaceutical R&D right through to consumer marketing and influencing public policy. The healthcare group is comprised of specialists in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; consumer health; issues and crisis; payors and providers; medical education; health policy;and clinical trial recruitment
Since Dan Gerstein says that Mrs. Lieberman has never worked as a lobbyist, we can, of course, discount that she had anything to do with influencing public policy, so perhaps she would talk to these high power executives about consumer marketing in healthcare? Biotechnology? Uh, not quite. Here's the report I got...
I am unclear as to your political position, but...if I were to vote now - or at any given time for any election for any office in any state or federal election, including the EU and Asia I would have to tell you that I would never vote for Leiberman. His wife had the gall to stand before a group of nurses, leaders, attorneys VPs and CEOs and say that if we have suggestions, like the fact that children need health insurance or that "the guy who loses his job should have some health insurance" then we should call her husband's office and let them know. We need to speak together rather than as individuals because individuals do not get heard. Then she went on to tell us all about life as a Senator's wife and the dinners she has attended... I thought it was a spoof. But then I realized that there weren't going to be speakers "for" the other parties. She was her own caricature.
What else is there to say?


Anonymous said...

I've been unable to find "Rhode Island Bob" on the web. Does Connecticut Bob, Inc. have a cub reporter on the Rhode Island beat watching the primary?

Kirby said...

Oh, don't we wish! We have our hands full in CT! Thanks for the thought, though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kirby. Never met her, but I keep getting this picture of a woman who lives in a bubble, putting a frothy spin on everything with a girlishness about her that is puzzling in one of her age. So she probably doesn't realize/or care that we constituents have voiced our life or death concerns to her husband and its become blazingly obvious over the years that he doesn't give a flying f*ck. And yet it seems she still thinks we proletariat might be interested in her DC dinner parties? Eh? *Clueless* is a perfect description.

ki kelly said...

Ah, yes, Hill & Knowlton. I thought that name sounded a tad familiar so I did a bit of research. Seems that H&K was responsible for circulating the notorious "Saddam Hussein's soldiers throwing Kuwati babies out of incubators" rumor that helped fuel public sentiment in favor of the first Iraq war. Before Hadassah's time, I suppose, but indicative of what a lovely outfit H&K are and how strange it is that the wife of a major (and oh so very righteous and holy) US senator would choose to work for them.