Friday, September 15, 2006

Joe and the big F.U.

"F.U." stands for "Fairfield University".

But in Joe Lieberman's case, it might also be what he is saying to the handicapped by parking in a clearly marked handicapped parking space this morning.

Apparently Joe has caught a case of George Bush's "Above-the-law-itis".

Dear God, Senator, have you no shame? (photo from LamontBlog.)

UPDATE: Of course, those evil lefty photoshoppers are getting in on the act. Here's a photo on DailyKos's comments.


Anonymous said...

No, he doesn't.

CT Bob said...

I thought so, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

Gary said...

C'mon, Bob, don't you know Joe is a member of the Fat Cats Club?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha bob. you talk about lieberman looking desperate for trying to find dirt on lamont? you are blogging about joe mistakenly parking in a handicapped spot!

CT Bob said...

Yes, that's exactly right, anon. We're a nation of laws, in spite of what the President and his corrupt supporters say. Joe Lieberman's got two good legs; would it KILL HIM to walk an extra twenty feet and NOT TAKE UP A SPACE for a handicapped person who might want to hear him give his speech?

This CLEARLY demonstrates Joe's total arrogance and his overblown sense of entitlement. So yes, this is definitely blog-worthy.

Try and find a photo of Ned Lamont parking in a handicapped space, OK?

Anonymous said...

parking in a handicapped spot when you are not handicapped is wrong. but do you honestly believe he purposely parked in a handicapped spot?

ki kelly said...

"do you honestly believe he purposely parked in a handicapped spot?"

Nope, I don't think he gave a damn either way. But the handicapped spots are usually the most convenient ones and with his sense of entitlement and self-importance, his convience is the most important consideration. I'm sure he found some way to rationalize it to himself. After all, he is much holier than you anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Nope, I don't think he gave a damn either way."

Just about sums up Holy Joe's attitude toward his job, now, doesn't it?

And I think that his license plate reads Number Two is, well, emblematic. Especially since Connecticut's Absentee Senator's reputation is now in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

u people are unbelievable