Tuesday, September 19, 2006

CT for Lieberman Says it ALL

It takes me a while to boil, but I am now seriously pissed off. And I want you to help spread the word that Joe Lieberman is not missing the votes out of the goodness of his heart, as his blog would lead you to believe.
Take today’s latest attack from Ned and his non-stop negative campaign, in which he again lashed out at Joe Lieberman for missing votes while the Senator was out trying to help get Al Gore elected in 2000, while he was running for president in 2003-04 to defeat George Bush and change the country’s direction, and while he was with his family following the death of his mother last year.
Don't you just love how he was trying to help Al Gore get elected in 2000? Well, they forget to mention that Joe would have been VP. He was campaigning for Joe. To raise his political status. And not do his job for Connecticut's citizens who elected him.

And, uh, he was running for president to beat Bush and change the country's direction, eh? Nothing in it for him, right? Bullshit. Joe's political ambitions have always trumped any service he has provided to the citizens of Connecticut. Bob Dole resigned from the Senate to run for president. Bill Frist is doing the same.

We are sorry Joe lost his mother, and the only reason I am including that here is so that you have the paragraph in full context, rather than picking and choosing as others might do.

No, where Joe Lieberman is concerned, he always does what's best for Joe -- even deserting his job -- representing the people of CT to feather his own nest. Has anyone asked him if he were, by some accident of the universe, to be re-elected -- if he would serve his entire term in the Senate? Does anyone seriously think he is not eyeing 2008? Get a load of this and note that Lanny Davis got up in Colin's face during an interview last week in his passionate defense of Joe.


Anonymous said...

You know what makes me red hot? Guess who's wife is working for Bushie? I am getting sick and tired of the hypocrasy big time. What else are is this pair hiding?


Hypocrite cubed

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Recent developments on the campaign trail: For months, Democratic senatorial candidate Ned Lamont as basked in the glow of journalists' adoration because, like them, he favors cutting and running in Iraq. He never objected to the label "the anti-war candidate"; in fact, he did everything possible to promote that image.

But anti-war screeds don't play well with everyone else so now he's trying to pawn himself off as more than a Moveon.org puppet. So when he ventured to Washington, D.C., this month to hob-nob with power brokers, he claimed journalists got it all wrong before the primary: "I think the media jumped to conclusions about who I am and what I'm about." Anyone buying that?

From the start, Mr. Lamont has criticized Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman for being "too close" to President Bush. It's hypocritical enough that Mr. Lamont tried to quietly quit the snooty-toot Round Hill Club in Greenwich, known to the locals as "the Bush family's club." Now, his wife, Annie, has been outed as a regular contributor to a political-action committee that is supporting Sen. Lieberman.

BusinessWeek reports Mrs. Lamont is on the board of athenahealth, a software company. Oak Investment Partners, where Mrs. Lamont is a managing partner, helped bankroll athenahealth. So who do you suppose is athenahealth's CEO? No, not a descendent of Josef Stalin, but presidential cousin Jonathan S. Bush.

It leaves one to wonder what else the Lamonts have hiding in the Bushes.

CT Bob said...

Dude, you're REALLY reaching there!

I don't think Jonathan S. Bush has invaded any foreign countries, or spied on U.S. citizens, or vetoed stem cell research funding, or cut Medicare, or tried to get a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage (while simultaneously pissing on that same document), or appointed right-wing idealogues to the Supreme Court, or championed the privatization of Social Security, or any of a million other rotten Republican things that Joe Lieberman supports.

No, the only way that Jonathan S. Bush could be considered as bad as his cousin would be for him to actually BE Josef Stalin.

If this is what Gerstain and his lapdog Eric are coming up with over at Lieber-Central, then we are gonna win by an historic landslide come November.

Keep digging, boys, keep digging. You're always good for a laff.

Anonymous said...

unless lieberman has mccain as a running mate, i doubt he has any aspirations for 2008. i would watch the other connecticut senator.

on a separate note, what do you guys think are the most accurate polls out there?

CT Bob said...

Dodd has already made the trip to Iowa to test the waters, so he'll run if he thinks he has a shot. Or he'll run to put himself into position to be VP (I think he'd make a good VP).

Lieberman won't run in '08, but he might bolt the Senate if the President makes him a nice enough offer. Which, of course, would mean a Republican appointee from Rell (unless DeStefano wins in November).

Polls, I dunno. Rasmussen seems to be quite volatile. The guy who runs the Q-poll seems to have some kind of political agenda whenever he makes a public statement. I haven't seen Gallup poll in this race yet.

So I dunno. Whichever poll says Ned has the biggest lead is the most accurate. LOL!

LiebermanForLieberman said...

I agree with the Lieberman supporters - Joe should definitely remain in Washington DC after November.

He would make a fine janitor.

Anonymous said...

That thing about Lamont's wife and Bush's cousin making Lamont a Bush supporter is a riot. Keep bringing it up, kids, it makes you look more pathetic every time.

As a response to JoMo claiming he was out to defeat George Bush in 2004, maybe the JoMos have forgotten his virtual endorsement of George Bush over John Kerry in Palm Beach County, FL (of all places) in October, 2004. I havne't.

CT Bob said...

jim, I wasn't aware of the Palm Beach thing. Do you have a source on it? Thnx

Anonymous said...

Most of the original MSM stories have been archived but there're lots of blogs on it. Just google John Kerry Joe Lieberman Palm Beach Octoboer 2004. The right wing blogs were on this like flies on a roadapple at the time. This link is from Attaturk.


Hey, Lieberman, Shut the Fuck Up!
Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman has raised eyebrows by telling Florida voters that President Bush has a strong pro-Israel record and John Kerry needs to do more to eliminate "doubts" about his support for Israel.

"We are dealing with a president who's had a record of strong, consistent support for Israel. You can't say otherwise. And I think John Kerry, to reassure people, has to himself be explicit" about Israel rather than rely on surrogates, the Connecticut senator said in surprising remarks near Delray Beach.

Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew who was the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee, said he's urged that Kerry speak out more on Israel because "only John Kerry can eliminate those doubts," the Palm Beach Post reported.

Lieberman's remarks came Thursday amid a Bush push to cut into the traditionally Democratic Jewish vote, where Al Gore beat Bush in 2000 by 79 to 19 percent.

Analysts say polls suggest Bush will get somewhere between 25 and 35 percent of the Jewish vote on Nov. 2 — which could be pivotal in Florida and New Jersey. States like New York, Connecticut and California are all but certain to go for Kerry.

Lieberman made his remarks while stumping for Kerry. He contended Kerry is also pro-Israel but would be better on issues like health care.

Anonymous said...

That anonymous was me. I'm not very good at this internets stuff. Attaturk linked to a NY Post story, the Palm Beach Post had it first, and NewsMax and a bunch of others were all over it.

CT Bob said...

Thanks jim; I'm at work, so I'll check out the links later. It'll make a fun little blog entry, I think.

Anonymous said...

thats not an endorsement. lieberman said bush was better with israel, but the article says he made this statement while stumping for kerry.