Wednesday, September 06, 2006

They Will Stop at Nothing

I am sick to my stomach about this one. Just when you thought the minions of this administration couldn't rewrite more history, they take on 9-11. In case you haven't heard, ABC is showing a 2-part special on 9-11 on Sunday and Monday night. Originally pitched as a documentary culled from the 9-11 report, it is now "docudrama" being shown without commercial interruption (as in, too hot for a sponsor to go near).

The problem is the blame is all on the Clinton administration, and Sandy Berger, Richard Clarke, and Madeline Albright, who are all depicted in the, um, show -- say that scenes depicted never happened, and 9-11 co-chair Tom Kean said that composite characters had to be created to cover all the info in the short time.

Since it seems that not all members of the press can get a review copy, Editor and Publisher does a nice summary here We have not heard from co-chair Lee Hamilton about this whitewash, but Richard BenVeniste is due on Olbermann any minute. Transcript will appear here and you can always check for video at Crooks & Liars ThinkProgress has more

Even worse, Scholastic is distributing curriculum guides with right-wing talking points, and copies of this show will also be distributed, so this false version may very well become a staple to teach kids about 9-11. Curiously, tonight, you can't get to that through the regular link to the Scholastic Web site, or find it when searching the site. Could it be that they have changed their minds? Let's hope so. Here's an analysis of those tools

I am out of my mind with anger. For the REAL story of 9-11, watch the original CBS documentary made by the French photojournalists who just happened to be working with the first FDNY unit to respond that horrible day. Sunday night at 8 Eastern


CT Bob said...

Well...the good news is that we can finally put to rest the claim that mass media has a liberal bias.

ratney said...

Bob, I hate to do this but, for the real story I think you better go HERE:

You say you're out of your mind with anger now?...

I'm sorry Bob, sometimes we all gotta take the bitter pill.

Anonymous said...

The technical term in intelligence work is "black propaganda": material that proports to be from one source while serving the interests of a unrevealed source from which it originates.

It shouldn't be necesssary to point out this is a technique in politics as much, perhaps more, than war. Since Nixon's "dirty tricks", the Republicans have honed such techniques to a fine art. "Swift boating" by "independent" non-profits is the manifestation currently in the news.