Friday, September 15, 2006

Joe's "war of words"

Joe Lieberman is flailing about like a landed flounder, desperately trying to find anything that will stick to Ned's campaign.

It just looks sad.

In the same week that Joe says Ned is going "negative", Lieberman's campaign has launched personal attacks against Ned's wife, Ned's personal finances, and Ned's experience as a volunteer teacher.

In the same time period, Ned Lamont has outlined his national security policy, put forward an educational proposal (pdf), and pointed out Sen. Lieberman's miserable voting record.

He hasn't gone after his opponent's personal finances, or his family, or his volunteer experience (wait, does he have any?). (h/t to LamontBlog)

Not to mention Dan Gerstain's incessant use of mocking names like "The Nedster", "The Full Lamonty" and "Lamonsters" when referring to Ned and his campaign. It's unseemly for a sitting US Senator to allow that sort of language on his official website.

Joe is starting to look pathetic. Which begs the question:

"What kind of legacy is Lieberman going to leave behind when he's gone?"

As a senator of 18 years who led a somewhat distinguished career?

Or as an obsolete hack who overstayed his usefulness, and whose final appearance on the national stage was that of a self-serving career politico who just couldn't let it go?

Is that how you want the nation to remember you, Joe?


Anonymous said...

Well, it *would* be sad if all his ailments were not fully self inflicted. I'm ROTFLMAO today...


CT Bob said...

True, J, very true. Joe should be protected from himself.

Anonymous said...

i think you have some sensitivity issues, bob. i doubt ned lamont is crying for being called "the nedster."