Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Joe can't blame us for THIS one!


And while I'm at it, I'd like to announce that the editorial staff here at "Connecticut Bob", which currently consists of Kirby and myself, urge each and every one of you to refrain from anything but polite discussion on Joe's new blog.

We believe we can have the following:

Discourse without Disrespect,

Dissent without Detestation,

Debate without another "D"-word that I can't think of right now to stay within my not-so-clever alliteration scheme!

(I never said I was a brilliant writer!)

So everyone, please be nice, respectful, and courteous.

As for us, we choose to comment on Joe's blog right here at Connecticut Bob, and we'll refrain from posting on Joe2006.com; but we will read it.

I'm sure there are plenty of voters who will cover the issues there, and we don't need to add to the chorus. (UPDATE COMPLETE)

It's 6:00 PM on the day of the long-awaited unveiling of the new and improved JOE 2006 web site!

And it doesn't work!

...I'm shocked.

Joe, maybe you should spend a few hundred thousand of those lobbyist's millions you have, and hire someone who KNOWS how to set up a website.

Because whoever you hired, they failed you on Primary Day; they failed you today; and you know that a policy of failure breeds MORE failure.

Just look at your costly and inept War in Iraq if you need an example.

I think I'm seeing a pattern here.


Anonymous said...


CT Bob said...


I bet there were a few Joe net-nerds sweating their asses off to get it working, what with only 4 and 3/4 hours left on the day they announced it would be up.

Gee, maybe we should ask Joe what happened to the other 19 and 1/4 hours?

The ratio is sort of like the way he votes: 20% of the time with the Dems, and 80% of the time grandstanding with worthless votes, or straight-ahead going with W.

(OK, I'll admit that was a reach! LOL)

Anonymous said...

What happened to the investigation of the so-called website hack? Will anyone make Lieberman pay for the false allegations?

CT Bob said...

OH boy, the Lieberblog is already starting with the name-calling.

Joe, why do you allow people to trivialize the Democratic process by having YOUR PEOPLE use terms like "Lamonsters" to describe the opposition on your OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN BLOG?

I challenge you to find anything but courteous terms to you on the official Lamont Campaign Blog.

Geez Joe, I knew you'd stoop to new depths to hang on to your precious seat, but don't you have ANY pride?

CT Bob said...

anon, somebody already asked about the official investigation of the alleged "hacking" on Joe's official blog.

Go read it and comment upon it.

Anonymous said...

Damn the Internets! Those Lamont bastards stole the distributer wires and the wheels off the Joe2006.truck

Anonymous said...

Was it really up? Because It's not up now (8pm). I'm getting the old "relaunching soon" message...

Anonymous said...

We'll keep in mind, "What Would CT Bob Do?" (WWCTBD).

I do wish CT Bob and others would post systematic replies to Joe's "On the Issues" statements.

CT Bob said...


I think we'll get around to covering Joe's "issues". But for now, it's plain enough what the biggest issue is.

The one he didn't address. Iraq.

Funny how Joe doesn't even mention the issue that's cost the nation $300 billion and the lives of nearly 3,000 young Americans.

I dunno, but if I was running for Senate, that little "issue" would be at the fucking TOP of my list!

Anonymous said...

Just read your little tussle with Joe's statement about I-Rod or I-Rush or whatever that country is called. Seems you're forgetting that Joe has a lot of loyal friends whose interests he has to be taking care of on a daily basis. That doesn't leave much time for deep thinking about countries that never Blogged For Joe or Door Knocked For Joe or Dug Deep For Joe.

Anonymous said...

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