Sunday, September 10, 2006

Connecticut Bob at the movies

Tonight, I'd like to review a short film, which debuted over at, called "Peek-A-Boo Ned".

This direct-to-video effort by fledgling filmmaker JoeLieberman2006 has true star power, spotlighting future senator Ned Lamont's photogenic public appearances.

But the movie falls flat soon after it starts, due to poor pacing, extended periods of a blank screen, and the lack of a coherent narrative. Other factors conspire to keep this creation from attaining anything higher than sub-standard mediocrity.

The film was released sans any screenwriting credits, which is understandable. No self-respecting writer would want his name associated with this lackluster effort.

The cinematography is, in a word, deplorable. With so many gifted documentary camera operators out there, it's nearly inconceivable that the person holding this camera was actually TRYING to film the subject of the movie. There wasn't a single frame that conveyed any attempt to perhaps MOVE to get a better angle. Certainly, there have been similar films by other, much more gifted filmmakers, who have made a more honest effort to deliver the goods.

This brings into question the validity of the entire film's premise.

However, the film does have some redeeming characteristics. The star of the movie, Democratic Nominee for Senate Ned Lamont, is charismatic and compelling (whenever the cinematographer decided to perform his job properly); and the expertly designed campaign signs, which were prominently displayed, showed the word "Democrat" in proud, bold letters.

Even these helpful details aren't enough to justify this waste of viewing time. If you've already watched the movie, this reviewer would like to send his condolences.

Take a look at a similar film, made by the gifted and tenacious Spazeboy. In this much more lyrical effort, Spazeboy is continually thwarted from taping outgoing senator Joe Lieberman by recently fired Lieberman Communications Director (so much for Joe's loyalty to his troops) Marion Steinfels.


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