Monday, September 11, 2006

CT Keith stars in "Breakfast with Joe..."

CT Keith and TrueBlueCT teamed up to ask Joe a few questions outside one of his "diner stops" that his campaign kept secret until the last minute.

Keith is waiting for Joe, holding a sign that says:

"Bottom Line? I think Bush has it Right!"
- Joe Lieberman

This fascinating video can really use subtitles, because the audio quality is unreadable in places. But it's interesting all the same.

And CT Keith's promise to Joe that he's going to file a FOI action to force Lieberman to release ALL his constituent emails, and his question about possible email evidence of fundraising for Rowland, elicited a clearly audible response:

"You've got a very rich fantasy life!"

No, Joe, YOU do; especially if you think we're going to go away.

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