Wednesday, September 13, 2006

List of towns with new voting machines

Today Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz's office released the final list of 25 towns and cities that will utilize the new optical voting machines that I discussed in this post from last week.

Below is the list, with the number of registered voters; the complete press release can be found on this link to the Secretary of State's official website.

I looked at a few of the links that some of you posted in response to my article linked above, and I admit that it is fairly easy to gain access to the inside of the machine without breaking the official seal. Whether or not this means it can be hacked isn't certain, but it does underscore the necessity of having a percentage of ballots manually counted and checked against the results the machine reports.
Ashford 2,800
Bethlehem 2,700
Bolton 5,200
Durham 4,900
East Hartford 25,000
East Haven 15,000
East Lyme 11,200
Hartford (4 precincts) 46,000
Litchfield 6,100
Mansfield 10,000
Middletown 24,000
Monroe 12,500
Montville 9,300
Newington 18,500
Newtown 15,500
Old Lyme 5,800
Salisbury 2,900
Southington 26,700
South Windsor 15,500
Tolland 9,400
Vernon 16,000
Westbrook 4,200
Wethersfield 17,500
Wilton 11,200
Wolcott 10,300

TOTAL 328,000


ratney said...

I live in Newtown (15.5M). Cheez, even if evertone voted I could count 'em myself by the next morning...

CT Bob said...

True, but I'd rather have the votes counted before the next morning...I'm already worried about how late I'll have to stay awake on election night.

If it takes until the following morning to find out that Ned wins, it might kill me!