Monday, September 18, 2006

Joe's place on the ballot

Some people call Lieberman a "third-party" candidate.

But according to Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, Joe Lieberman's single-person occupancy "Connecticut For Lieberman" Party will appear on the FIFTH line of the ballot, beneath the "Concerned Citizen's Party" candidate Timothy Knibbs and "Green Party" candidate Ralph Ferrucci. (...and I may be the only blog on the planet to mention those candidates!)

So, technically Joe isn't a "third party candidate".


But, he can always claim that he finished in "a three way tie for third PARTY."


cgg said...

Joementum at it's finest!

CT Bob said...

cgg, yeah this one was fun.

Anonymous said...

So I was in Penn Station today and was surprised to see and meet Senator Debbie Stebenow-D-MI. About 20 minutes later as I used the mens’ room prior to boarding my train back to Connecticut who do I see walk into the mens’ room, Joe Biden-D-DE. So after a friendly Democratic exchange ( after we left the mens’ room) I said to him run for President again his response “Im going to”. Not a secret he was interested but is this not the first time this has been stated publicly by him? Well I though it was a pretty interesting 20 minutes in the station.

Anonymous said...

I almost wrote about Timothy Knibbs the other day but didn't have the time/energy to devote to it. I heard his stand-in speak at Emmanuel Synogogue in West Hartford. Scary stuff. The first part of the surrogate's speech was all about taxes and how CT is sending all it's money away. There was no point but whatever I was willing to listen. But then the Concerned Citizens Party member turned to immigration, or more specifically illegal immigration. I didn't get the first few codewords that should have warned me to leave as fast as possible. But then he called the Minutemen patriots. That did it. Disgusting, scary stuff.

CT Bob said...

Hope you didn't shake his hand. LOL!!! I kill me!!!

Actually, that's pretty cool. Why were all those senators coming to NY? Was it the UN thing? I guess they're off on Mondays and don't start session until Tuesday, right?

CT Bob said...

amy, yeah there's a surprising amount of plain ol' racism disguised as phoney concern over "illegal immigrants".

You can pretty much imagine that they don't approve of anyone that possesses an amount of melanin that exceeds their personal threshold.

Anonymous said...

id vote for lieberman over knibbs