Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm starting to see a pattern here!

For the last 22 hours I've been checking in regularly to read the comments on the new and long-awaited Joe2006 blog.

It's worse than CRACK! It's like watching a slow-motion car wreck, or the Hindenberg crashing in flames. I just can't take my eyes off it!

And I've come to a troubling conclusion:


(Trust me, Star Wars nerds and Farkers are laughing their asses off right now!)

Yes, the Lieberman masterminds have come up with a sure-fire way to distract us bloggers and netizens from concentrating on the real problems facing Joe's policies. By putting up a blog that promises healthy and informative debate, they draw in people by the hundreds.

But soon, it becomes apparent that there IS no discussion. The pattern is for them to post a rude article and sit back and watch all the righteous liberals work themselves into a frenzied state of indignation.

My god, it's BRILLIANT!

By keeping all these people outraged and frustrated, the masterminds (hiding behind an obvious pseudonym "Eric Blankenbaker") have managed to suck a huge amount of energy out of the lefty blogosphere, and concentrate it within their own website.

Where they will doubtless find a way to harness it and use it for their own neferious purposes.

Oh, what will these evil masterminds come up with next?

(Besides calling the Democratic Nominee for Senate the "Nedster", that is?)

Here's some actual blog comments from Joe's wonderfully enticing blog. Keep in mind that I intend to stick with my pledge to not directly involve myself over on Joe's blog, and will only comment upon it here.
I'm starting to get irked. We were promised debate. In this thread only we have made excellent, articulate, rebuttals to your ridiculous Republicanesque spinning. WHy aren't you coming down into the comments section, Eric, and giving your side some substance?

Oh that's right. You've got nothing.
John | 09.06.06 - 5:17 pm | #

I'm assuming these comments have been set up as a deliberate troll for anti-lieberman commentary, and in that they are succeeding beyond expectations.

But wouldn't you think that if joe had *any* legitimate supporters, they, too, would take advantage and come to the defense of their chosen candidate?

These comment sections seem to belie the claims of the lieberman campaign to widespread support in Connecticut--at least among the computer literate. Maybe there aren't that many such folks in Connecticut...
mongo | 09.06.06 - 5:17 pm | #
And another thing of note in Joe's new website...the calandar.

Lieberman's staff only releases information on public events where the Senator might come in actual contact with voters (and by "contact", I mean within a reasonable radius for a conversation to occur) just a day in advance.

Not much time for a Lieberman fan like myself to arrange to stop by and say "Hello" to my favorite "non-combatant" (Joe's own words) Junior Senator.

I wonder why that is?


Anonymous said...

Crack, indeed. But only for PC-users. I do believe I have discovered one of the bigger advantages of having a Mac: a Joe-free zone!

My only hope is that the journalists who are looking into the "hacking" of Joe's site on primary day are also looking into why the Lamont campaign is stopping Mac users from viewing Joe's site.

Anonymous said...

paltry excuse for a blog/website. if that is an indication of can actually feel the ineptitude through the screen.

CT Bob said...

amy, yeah that Mac thing is weird.

anon, the lack of technical sophistication is as glaringly obvious as the many failings of Joe Lieberman's "leadership".

I never thought that you could actually FEEL "ineptitude" pouring out of the screen!

CT Bob said...

Props go to Eric Blankenbaker for his acknowledging this huge story on Joe's blog:

Insight Magazine accuses GOP of funnelling cash to Lieberman

Eric might be making fun of the story, but something tells me he just posted his very first actual FACT on Joe's blog!

CT Bob said...

Woohoo! Dan Gerstain FINALLY showed up on Joe's blog for some of that "healthy debate" he was promising!

Here's his first comment (regarding a comment about that GOP gave money to Joe):

"Let me get this straight. You are asking us to disprove an anonymous, single-sourced story from a magazine of questionable credibility that not one respectable news outlet has even come close to picking up on? What's next, you want us to provide evidence that Joe Lieberman doesn't beat his wife?

Seriously, folks, I am more than happy to answer legitimate questions raised on the blog, and I apologize for not doing more of it yet (been a little busy doing a few other things), but can we please have a little perspective? Thanks."
Dan Gerstein | 09.06.06 - 8:23 pm | #

I expect we'll hear from a few people who take exception to Dan's lack of civility when referring to the popularly and legally elected Democratic Nominee for Senate in CT.

For the record, I'm not sure that Joe DOESN'T beat his wife. Can we ask his first wife about this?

ratney said...

Too funny over there, it's like shooting fish in a barrel, there's no sport to it at all...

BTW, I've been there perhaps 4 times since it debuted, and I'm using a MAC. I have not had any problems at all, so I wonder what is wrong for the others I've read about.

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