Friday, September 01, 2006

Yeah, NOW Joe is begging for a debate!

Remember months ago when Lieberman was sitting pretty with a huge lead in the polls? Ned Lamont had been challenging Lieberman to debate him for MONTHS, and Joe couldn't be bothered.

Finally, after Joe read the writing on the wall and committed to a debate, he'd already decided to flee the Democratic party and form his own vanity party.

Then he lost the primary.

Now this is the same guy who's pleading with Ned to have a debate.

See what I mean? Joe was dead set against a debate. He finally realized that he'd look like a total coward if he didn't meet Ned on TV, so a short while later he agreed to the debate.

(As an aside, I did ask Ned a week or so later if he thought this video convinced Joe to agree to the debate. Ned laughed and said, "In all honesty Bob...No!" LOL!)

From ConnecticutBLOG:

After months of ignoring and dismissing Lamont calls for a debate during early part of the primary, only agreeing to ONE deabte during the primary when the polls showed that Lamont was closing the gap, and after losing to Lamont in the biggest primary election in the history of Connecticut, Joe Lieberman sees the writing on the wall and announces that he's ready for a series of debtes.

Well Ned, you're going to get your old-fashion kitchen table debates afterall.
Sen. Joe Lieberman called on the four other candidates in the hotly contested U.S. Senate race Thursday to meet next week and agree to a debate schedule.

Lieberman, who lost the Democratic primary to businessman Ned Lamont and is now running as an independent, sent letters to Lamont, Republican Alan Schlesinger, Green Party candidate Ralph Ferrucci and Concerned Citizens candidate Timothy Knibbs.

(UPDATE: I was wondering why Lieberman didn't mention John Mertens, the Independent Party candidate; well, it turns out that so far Mertens hasn't had enough validated signatures to get on the ballot, so that's probably why he wasn't mentioned. My mistake; and unlike Dan Gerstain, I will admit when I make a mistake BEFORE everyone points it out!)

"Voters are eager to know what we will do to solve the problems affecting their daily lives," Lieberman wrote in his letter. He also said the candidates have an opportunity to set "a high standard for a new politics of civil engagement."

You know, it's funny for Lieberman to talk about civil engagement seeing that he was anything but civil during the last debate.

In any case, game on. Lamont has come a long way since their first encounter and I'm sure he'll be ready for any curveball Lieberman throws at him.


Anonymous said...

Apparently when joe ran for senate in 2000, he refused to debate the Republican candidate, who then debated a cardboard cutout of Joe. That is hysterical.

ctblogger said...

I still can't belive Ned dissed your debate video (who was that guy doing the interview, God, he's awful). I tell you that guy is great but he can be brutal at times.

CT Bob said...


Anonymous said...

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