Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The 1000th Post

In just over a year. Wow!

And, to take it back where I first started political blogging, here is a repost from FireDogLake. Thanks Jane, for helping to get me into this crazy political business!

Dodd to Vlog Tomorrow on FDL at 5pm ET

160px-christopher_dodd_official_portrait.jpgPresidential candidate Chris Dodd will be with us tomorrow starting at 5pm ET/2pm PT for a live video vlogging session where he will answer questions left by the FDL community in the comment section.

Our first live vlogging session with John Laesch last Saturday was a huge success.  Howie Klein went to Illinois and live streamed the interview for Blue America.  Tomorrow, we're going to do things a little differently.  This time Senator Dodd will be talking about the supplemental vote last week as well as new legislation he plans to be introducing on Iraq.  A video of the event will then be available for viewing and downloading.


Connecticut Man1 said...

Dang... You spend too much time on the computer! lol

CT Bob said...

Yeah, my wife has been telling me the same thing!

I'm going to scale back my blogging somewhat for the summer, seeing as how the weather is so nice and our sailboat is straining at the dock lines to take us somewhere fun.