Friday, May 04, 2007

Westport "disses" Shays

That is, if wanting to talk about the war can be considered disrespectful.

A dour and grumpy Chris Shays lectures the assembled crowd in Westport about how every other town in his district is "nice". And he's peevish and cantankerous, also. You can't forget cantankerous.

What a tool!

(video by MattW via MLN - Welcome to video blogging, Matt!)

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Anonymous said...

Chris Shaws makes a very good point.

The issue of the war clouds many other issues so lets discuss them.

Thank you for posting this Bob I am glad to see Chris is trying to do his job

CT Bob said...

While I agree that there are other issues that need to be discussed, Shays' insistance on putting the war last (which is the SINGLE most important issue facing us) will shortchange the debate.

If there was no war right now, you'd only see 1/4 of the people attending these meetings.

fuzzyturtle said...

bah. He's running away from the war issue.. and yes it SHOULD be forefront in people's minds for so many reasons (not the least is.. it's draining the economy so there IS no money for other programs!)

I can't believe he went all 'simmer down' on a bunch of old people. He should be careful.. in large groups they can turn on you like a pack of hyenas (or islamic fundamentalist terrorists, take your pick). I'd like a video of them ripping in to shreds, literally.