Thursday, May 03, 2007

Iraq won't stand UP until we stand DOWN!

I can't imagine a more telling indication of Iraq's criminal lack of initiative than today's latest news from Baghdad. From
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Lawmakers divided over whether to keep U.S. troops in Iraq are finding common ground on at least one topic: They are furious that Iraqi politicians are considering a lengthy break this summer.

"If they go off on vacation for two months while our troops fight -- that would be the outrage of outrages," said Rep. Chris Shays, R-Connecticut.
Might it actually be dawning on our very-soon-to-be lame duck Representative in the 4th CD that our military's continued occupation of Iraq might never end if we wait until the leaders there actually take control of their own destiny?

Democrats contend that initiating troop withdrawals will pressure Iraqis into making the necessary political compromises. Republicans say the Iraqis could still refuse to work together and the consequence would be a blood bath.

The only area of agreement between the two sides is that the Iraqis are testing their patience.

"That is not acceptable," Sen. John Warner, R-Virginia, said of a two-month recess. "An action of that consequence would send a very bad signal to the world that they don't have the resolve that matches the resolve of the brave troops that are fighting in the battle today."
Two months off will certainly give those fine Iraqi leaders time to practice waterskiing and work on their tans, while our brave troops continue to be killed.

In recognition of the Iraqi Parliment's relentless committment to leisure, I give you The Go-Go's:


Connecticut Man1 said...

Keep in mind that if bush wanted his puppets to stay on the job, they would.

CT Bob said...

I honestly feel the Iraqis don't listen to Bush as much as you'd think. Which is the main reason this war has been such a disaster from day one. Bush mistakenly thought the Iraqis actually would appreciate his efforts. Not so.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I don't think listening to Bush would have helped, or will ever help. He's a maroon.

CT Bob said...

"He's a maroon."

Such language!!!

CT Bob said...

Dammit! Now I've got that stupid song stuck in my head! Why did I have to click on that goddamn Youtube clip?