Tuesday, May 15, 2007

LW: Joe betrays the Democrats - again

Lieberman Watch: The junior senator from Connecticut has gone and done it...again.

Not happy with doing his best to cause division in the Senate by supporting Bush's failed Iraq War policy, now Joe Lieberman is doing what he can to destroy the Democratic majority in the Senate by raising money for the Republican senator from Maine, Sue Collins.

Lieberman fingers Collins (Getty Images)
In fact, Lieberman is SO frickin' bi-partisan that he went and endorsed Collins for reelection even before any Democrat officially announced a challenge to Collins!

Why, that's as bi-partisan as you can GET! Joe Lieberman refused to even CONSIDER any Democrat as being worthy to challenge his Republican ally in the Senate. Much like his own personal philosophy, Joe is unwilling to even think about anyone with the audacity to challenge Collins.

The Washington Post blog has details (and inaccuracies, but we've become used to that from the Post), via The Raw Story:
Lieberman Helps Collect Cash for Collins

Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) (no, it's "I-Conn.", stupid!) is never going to win any popularity contests among his party's liberal base -- a fact he seems decidedly unconcerned about despite his 2006 Democratic primary loss to Ned Lamont.

Democrats' 2000 vice-presidential nominee Joe Lieberman, left, is helping raise money for Republican Susan Collins of Maine.

Not only has Lieberman endorsed Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine.) -- one of Democrats' biggest targets in the 2008 cycle -- but he's planning to co-host a fundraiser for her on June 21 in Washington, D.C.

The event, which will be held in a Capitol Hill location still to be determined, will feature Lieberman and Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) -- a very rare bipartisan (yeah, "bipartisan" in the form of Republicans working with Independents who caucus with them!) fundraiser. Attendees are being asked to raise $3,000; $2,000 would come in the form of a political action committee donation while the other $1,000 would be a personal contribution, according to an electronic invite for the fundraiser obtained today by The Fix.

"Let's try to make this a bi-partisan tour de force," reads the invite. (again, how can it be "bi-partisan" if there are NO Democrats involved?)

"Senator Specter approached Senator Collins with the idea of doing a joint fundraising event with Senator Lieberman," said Collins spokeswoman Jen Burita. "Both senators are colleagues with whom she works well and good friends, so we thought it was a great idea."

Lieberman's willingness to work openly for Collins's reelection will surely not sit well with Democratic strategists who want Rep. Tom Allen (D) to oust the two-term incumbent. For Lieberman, his support of Collins is payback. She was one of a handful of senators who campaigned for him in the general election following his loss in the Democratic primary to Lamont. (He ran for and won reelection as an independent.) Lieberman and Collins also serve together as the chairman and ranking member, respectively, of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in the Senate. (not after 2008, when Collins is history and Lieberman gets stripped of any seniority by the Dems)


MikeCT said...

Send your checks to Tom Allen for Senate. It will annoy Joe to no end.

CT Bob said...

He can count on it from me!

The thing that really irks me about this is how Lieberman doesn't even consider the issues that matter in the race. He simply sees this as an opportunity to pay back Collins for her support; and to an aging conservative like Lieberman, he needs all the friends he can get. Never mind the Democrats or what's really at stake here.

I'm going to see if I can put a donate button for Allen on this site. I'm already overdue to put one up for our GOOD senator, so maybe I'll do both at once.

And one for Dennis Kucinich, 'cause he's one of the good guys too. And of course, one for our mayoral candidate, Kerri Rowland.

Aw hell, just everyone send me boatloads of money, and I'll see that it gets spread around! LOL!