Friday, May 25, 2007

Kucinich debate trip planned


(Sal Liccione, with closed eyes at the JJB Dinner)

By the magic of image editing, Sal opens his eyes!

(Full disclosure: those are actually Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy's eyes, from a photo I snapped the same evening, in what may be the creepiest display of Photoshopping that I've ever done! Sorry about the nightmares you'll have later...)

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) has appointed Sal Liccione as the Connecticut Coordinator for the Kucinich 2008 Campaign.

Sal is organizing a van trip to New Hampshire to support the Congressman during the June 3rd debate. For information on how you can attend the group headed up north to cheer on the only candidate who has consistently voted against the war from DAY ONE, contact Sal Liccione at or call him at (203) 434-6348 for more info.

And check out some of my videos of Dennis Kucinich:

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fuzzyturtle said...

Cant you get a better picture of this poor fellow? It looks like he's about to give you a big ol' brotherly kiss on the camera...!!

I wish him luck. While Kusinich
(oops) Kusinichk (oops) Kucinich is a real progressive, he's got an uphill battle...

CT Bob said...

I agree, I'll see what I can do about the picture.

And basically every Dem has an uphill battle going in if you're not Obama or Clinton. The main thing we have to combat this (for Dennis and Chris Dodd) is to publicize their campaigns and help grow grassroots support.

Barack came to Greenwich last week...not to campaign or talk to the voters, but to suck up money from rich donors.

While fundraising is an important part of the process, Obama didn't do much to endear himself to THIS Lamont-supporting Democrat! (Remember last year when he couldn't be bothered to come to town to help Ned? I sure as hell do!)

At least Dennis and Chris will talk to the people of Connecticut, not just take their money.

fuzzyturtle said...

now can you make his nose thinner and do something about the lips?

he's gonna look like George Clooney by the time we're done.. ;)

I do wish him all the best.

I'm hoping one of the 'pack' comes out as the frontrunner later in the season. And with Lamont's issues, I'm not sure Obama could have saved him, which is a damn shame :( at least from the people I know who voted for the LieberTroll (old prowar racist hardliners). They've invited me for a Memorial Day barbie, but I've politely declined. The thought of spending a day that's supposed to commemorate the war dead with a bunch of pro war bullies.. not my bag.

HAve a good one CT BOB!

Picky Eater said...

OMG, that Sal/Malloy photoshopping is really creepy! Make it go away! It's going to haunt me!

Anonymous said...

For information on how you can attend the group headed up north to cheer on the only candidate who has consistently voted against the war from DAY ONE

That is not true actually. Congressman Ron Paul from Texas, who is also running for POTUS, has been opposed to the war from the get-go as well.

CT Bob said...

Really? I didn't know that...actually, what I don't know about Ron Paul can just about be squeezed into the Grand Canyon! Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

How could Sal be doing such an important job when hes so busy hitting on underage girls over the internet?