Thursday, May 24, 2007

Win a free trip to New Hampshire!

To win this fabulous trip, simply enter by responding to the contact person below. (Hint: Everyone's a winner!)

Join us for the second debate of the 2008 Presidential campaign!

The second debate among the Democratic candidates for President will be held on June 3 in New Hampshire. Our own Senator, Chris Dodd, will be taking part in the debate, and you can help to cheer him on!

Sunday, June 3
St. Anselm's College, Manchester, N. H.

Make the trip to New Hampshire with us!

Join us in Manchester on Sunday, June 3, to cheer for Senator Dodd and show everyone that Senator Dodd has the loudest, proudest supporters in the country! We will gather outside the debate hall to show our support for Senator Dodd in the hours before the debate. You’ll get a Dodd for President t-shirt and a sign and you’ll help us make a great showing for our candidate!

Please note that we will not have tickets to enter the debate hall, as quantities are extremely limited and generally reserved for New Hampshire residents. We will be hosting a debate-watching party at a nearby restaurant, where we’ll provide dinner for all of our great volunteers while we watch the debate live on TV together. After the debate, Senator Dodd will join us at the restaurant to thank all of you for making the trip, and to share his thoughts about the debate.

Buses will be leaving from Connecticut on Sunday morning as follows:

New Haven area pickups at 8am and 11am at commuter lot in Orange, at exit 58 off Route 15 (at Route 34). Map available HERE

Hartford area pickups at 9am and 12 noon at commuter lot in Manchester (CT), at exit 1 off Route 384. Map available HERE

Space on the buses is limited so please let us know if you plan to attend! If you would like to drive yourself, or organize a local car pool, give us a call and we’ll tell you where and when to meet up with the rest of the Dodd crowd in New Hampshire!

For more info or to reserve your seat on the bus, please contact us at 860-244-2008 or

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