Monday, May 07, 2007

Is the Republican-American really that stupid?

(uncredited photo from the Waterbury Republican-American)

I'm astounded at the awful, one-sided coverage the Waterbury Republican-American is giving the Plan B "protest" that occurred this weekend outside St. Mary's hospital in Waterbury.

Their reporter Lauresha Xhihani obviously based her entire story on the words of Bill O'Brien, the president of Connecticut Right to Life.

Rather than let the facts get in the way of a fairly boring story, Xhihani completely neglected to mention how Plan B actually works, and the Catholic organization's reluctance to issue the medication is more about raising funds through religious hysteria than medical science. Why let the truth get in the way of a good fundraising opportunity?

And that same hysteria works for the media, too. Anytime a newspaper can splash the word ABORTION all over it's pages, they'll definitely sell some papers.

Yet, a reporter is theoretically supposed to present both sides of an issue. Apparently, not this one. Or more likely, not the editors, who make the decisions as to what goes in the paper. Unless they're completely brain dead, they know perfectly well the facts of the issue, and they chose to ignore them.

Here's some random quotes from the article:
O'Brien said "the state has no business" telling Catholic hospitals to do something that goes against the church's teachings....

"We can't kill a person that was conceived of rape," O'Brien said....

Archbishop Henry J. Mansell declaring that the legislation goes beyond emergency contraception in demanding that Catholic hospitals "provide for abortion...."

"Catholic morality says you can't kill a human being..."

"It's a religious freedom issue," said Michael Augros...
So there ya go! We've got "kill a person", "abortion", "kill a human being", and "religious freedom" in a single story.

And not one single sentence that questions their false "abortion" claim.

Good job, Rep-Am, good job! William Randolph Hearst would be quite proud of you.

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