Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Sunday Night Music Club IV

Steely Dan has a prominant place in my all-time Top Ten Bands list. And to further solidify their position, Donald Fagen (1/2 of Steely Dan) released two solo albums that are definitely in my Top 100 Albums list.

And boy, it ain't easy keeping all these lists straight!

Fagen's Nightfly and Kamakiriad are a nicely matched pair of records, with that very recognizable Steely Dan sound taken a step further. This video, "Tomorrow's Girls", is one of several from Kamakiriad I like (another, "Snowbound", is directed by the same Michel Gondry who created the "Lucas with the Lid Off" video I showcased in the first "Sunday Night Music Club").

Here's "Tomorrow's Girls", with a very familiar Rick Moranis starring; pure fun!


VizierVic said...

Dude, Fagen's got a third solo album out too, Morph the Cat, issued last year. Does your lack of comment on it reflect your comment on it or did it just get overlooked? What's amazing is how well the group's music has aged - still subtle, sophisticated, witty, moving - after thirty years.

CT Bob said...

No; I dunno, I thought for some reason MTC was a Steely Dan "best of" CD; I guess I wasn't paying attention last year, what with all the politicing and blogging I was doing. I hadn't heard anything off of it yet. Are there any Youtube vids available?

I'm due to load up on about 20 of the best albums of 2006 and catch up on what I missed.

Thanks for the heads up!

CT Bob said...

Just got MTC. I like it, though not as much as NF and K.